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  • 350 Years of Stratford
  • A catalogue of the names of the early Puritan settlers of the colony of
            Connecticut, with the time of their arrival in the country and colony, their
            standing in society, place of residence, condition in life, where from,
            business, &c., as far as is found on record. Collected from records,
            by Royal R. Hinman 1868
  • A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport
            Connecticut Part I by Rev. Samuel Orcutt 1886
  • A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport
            Connecticut Part II by Rev. Samuel Orcutt 1886
  • Abolition Without Deliverance: The Law of Connecticut Slavery 1784-1848
  • Beardsley Family Monument Dedication Program 1939

  • Bernard Baruch Visits Stratford November 1951
  • Bridgeport, A Story of Progress-Stratford, the Mother Town, and Its
            Prosperous Offspring—The Building of a Great Industrial Center and
            Its Builders—Introductory Article by Julian H. Sterling 1904
  • Camp Lee Army Manoeuvres 1912
  • Center School Fire 1921
  • Congregational Burying Ground

  • Discover Stratford
  • Early American Communion Silver
  • Early Stratford History
  • First Congregational Church - Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of
            our Church Sanctuary 1859 - 2009
  • First Congregational Church - Special Services for the Dedication
            and Anniversaries of our Sanctuary

  • H. C. Lovell Hardware
  • History of Fairfield County, With Illustrations and Biographical
            Sketches of the prominent Men and Pioneers 1889
  • History of Stratford Connecticut 1639-1939
            by William Howard Wilcoxson 1940
  • Laying Cornerstone of Town Hall
  • Moses Wheeler Bridge Dedication 1962
  • Original Lot Owners in 1639

  • Peck's Mill Trolley Disaster 1899
  • Post Office Fire 1924
  • Presenting Stratford Connecticut 1959
  • Shoot Out at Avon Park November 1, 1915
  • Sikorsky: Still Revolutionary

  • Strategic Stratford Connecticut crossroads of the industrial northeast
  • Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue
  • Stratford Chronic and Convalescent Hospital Opens
  • Stratford Army Engine Plant - A History
  • Stratford Connecticut - A Town for all Seasons
  • Stratford Connecticut - A town for all seasons

  • Stratford Connecticut A Town for All Seasons
  • Stratford Connecticut - A Whale of a Community 1977
  • Stratford Living Magazine 2014
  • The Arrival of the Founders painting in Town Hall 1939
  • The Devastation and Restoration of New England's Vital Life-line

  • The House of Decoy Carver Albert Laing
  • The Hurricane of 1938
  • The Hurricane of 1938 by Edna Morris
  • The Stratford Bard 350th Founder's Day Parade Issue
  • The Stratford Gazette 1995-96 Edition

  • Stratford High School 21st Annual Thanksgiving Day Football Game 1945
  • Stratford High School's 1948 Program for "Arsenic and Old Lace"
  • The Moses Wheeler Homestead
  • The West of Today - A Minstrel and Revue - St. James Parish
  • Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of the Town of Stratford
  • Turn Back the Pages - A Minstrel and Revue 1948 - St. James Parish
  • Wings for the Navy