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Gator Audio is the company of production sound mixer Jim Hulse.

With years of experience and extensive education in audio production, Jim has what it takes to deliver the quality sound your project demands.

When your project has a limited budget of either time or money, you need someone who can get it right the first time. It may seem expensive at first, but how expensive is it to do it over, or try to "fix it in post" when things go wrong?

Years of experience provide the skills to anticipate problems before they are noticed, resolve them expeditiously, and create tracks that are BROADCAST READY with little or no post adjustment needed. Jim has done live-to-air projects for ABC News, as well as live-to-internet interviews during rock concerts under extreme conditions. From recording in an active steel mill to on the ocean to even under the landing pattern of a major airport, great sound can be recorded just about anywhere when you hire someone with the experience.

Sound is half of your viewer's experience, so ensure your next project sounds its absolute best with tracks from

Gator Audio: Production Sound That Doesn't Bite.

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