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Demo Reel?

Professional Sound Mixers don't have "demo reels" in the way that someone like a DP might.

Here's why: When a production mixer records tracks, they include all of the potential location issues (highways, planes, trains, oceans, etc) that will eventually be cleaned up by a skilled post-production sound editor.

As such, presenting raw location tracks is similar to a DP showing off footage that has not been color corrected. If the tracks are shown AFTER being cleaned up... Are you evaluating the production tracks or the skill of the editor?

The quality of the work is in what is delivered to a post production editor - UNLESS the final product is in fact live-to-broadcast.

This page will have links to publicly available examples of the work I have done - to include live broadcast. Beyond this...

Professional sound mixers focus on the best real sound not reel sound.

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