Gator Audio
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Gator Audio focuses on providing the absolute best production sound possible under varied and difficult location situations. The most often repeated comment from clients has been "Wow, this is the BEST SOUND I HAVE EVER HEARD!" and the second-most often repeated comment is "This sounds amazing."

Budgets are tight. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur! Gator Audio: Where you never have to worry about "fixing it in post"

Years of experience provide the skills to anticipate problems before they are noticed, resolve them expeditiously, and create tracks that are BROADCAST READY with little or no post adjustment needed.

When you are ready to create art with amazing production sound, please contact us to discuss rates.

Production Sound

Production sound is the primary and only focus, so that the quality of results can be unmatched.
  • Single-System Mix to Camera
  • Double-System Sync Sound
  • Sound Effects Recording
  • Wild ADR/Voiceover
  • Location Scouting for Sound
  • Sound Supervision
  • Wireless Frequency Coordination
  • Set Communications

(561) 245-1563 | sales [AT]