Gator Audio
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Gator Audio uses the best gear (and more importantly, ears) in the industry to capture and create the best sound possible. You'll find world-class names like Sound Devices, Lectrosonics, Sanken, K-Tek, and more. Whatever your needs, Gator Audio has the tools to make your project sound its best.

All equipment is owned and operated by Gator Audio, rented to production.


Sound Devices 633

Sound Devices 688



Sanken CS-3e
Sanken CS-1m
Audio-Technica AT895
Audio-Technica AT835b


Tram TR50
Sanken COS-11
Lectrosonics M152

Countryman B6
OST 801

Misc Condensers

Audio-Technica AT853a [x2]
Crown PCC-160 [x2]
MXL 990 [x2]
M-Audio Nova

Misc Dynamics

Sennheiser MD46
Electro-Voice RE50L
Shure SM57

Shure SM58
Shure Beta 58


Lectrosonics Wireless Systems
Lectrosonics IFB Personal Listening System

Boom Poles & Wind Protection

K-Tek Articulated Boom Pole
K-Tek 9' Boom Pole
Rycote S-Series Zeppelin/Windjammer
Rycote InVision Broadcast 7 Shockmount
Foam Windscreens

And of course much much more.

(561) 245-1563 | sales [AT]