"Zauberkunststück", 1927 

Paul Klee

The realisation of any Project depends on the Budget. It is the driving factor that defines most decisions.
Let's make it clear and easy for all parties involved.

When creative Teams prepare their Budget, it takes a lot of guessing to estimate and declare in their proposals, who will support the project and with which amount. Often creative projects get delayed for months in the process.

The following is a mockup of a new system that we would like to introduce to Foundations and Creative Teams.


Each Team Member logs in and fills in an estimate of the amount of time needed for the Project. The hourly rates are based on an average HR of the professions listed in Switzerland. The program can be futher developed to accept flat rates. In the "Warenkorb" we see the field, the names and final amount for each position. Should be further developed to be able to save the "Budget".

Foundations visit the Team's finalised Budget and book positions according to the amount of money they are willing to dedicate to the project. All foundations can see which foundation booked or supported a position and which positions miss funding.

The current application uses a free Shopping Cart from Ecwid.
The content has to be developed to include all expenses relevant to budgeting a Play, a Concert an Exhibition, an Event.
A programmer should complete it by: 
*modifying the existing application so that each Team can save their own budget and host it on their own site.
*Adding the possibility to book a position and then "support/fund". The booked position should be still visible but inactive.
*Making better visible "Zurück zum Katalog".
*Translating in English.
*Adding the possibility to add a "Pauschale" or "flat rate" amount.
*The program can be futher developed to accept different offers.

"Fish Magic", 1925
"Sängerin der komischen Oper", 1923
"Marionette", 1923
"Landschaft mit gelben Vögeln", 1923
"Tanz des trauernden Kindes", 1922

Publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Cloud, Github Pages. Don't be a hostage to just one platform or service provider.

Just drop the blocks into the page, edit content inline and publish - no technical skills required.

work   in progress

"Märchen", 1929

Paul Klee

Aus der "Zeichnung zum Tanz des trauernden Kindes", 1921

Paul Klee


from "I " to "we"

The Playandvision project explores ideas in search of the Epicurean definition of happiness.

Play stands for recreation and fun, as well as for performing music/ theater. Vision stands for visual arts and visionary ideas.

PlayandVision, wishes to contribute to social change with projects that explore and promote happiness in togetherness. Under the motto “From “I” to “we” ” we are challenged to find the answer to the ancient question “what makes our lives happy?”

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