"Cat and Bird" 1928 

Paul Klee


We at Playandvision are challenged by the idea to populate games with higher aesthetic, poetic, musical, social and educational values that draw their inspiration from artists works and spirit.

We are happy to present a few demo games featuring artworks from an artist that has massively influenced our work and thinking: Paul Klee.

All 6 games are made with a simple open source program for kids called "Scratch" MIT, an educational tool for coding.

Scratch is being taught at schools and is having an active community of 70.000.000 users worldwide.

We wanted to establish a poetic mood, games that “can make your day” and encourage kids (and adults) to create similar games themselves and get them to use our cultural heritage as a source of inspiration on an everyday basis.

The music compositions or sounds in the games are created by composer and dear friend Simon Ho.

Game number 4 uses an advanced programming level in "Scratch" made by Griffpatch.

Project Concept by Galanou / Wollenberger.

Please feel free to try them. They are not yet perfect but we hope you enjoy them as much as we do and that you see the potential of introducing artworks to younger (and older) generations in a fun way.


In the end of 2019, composer Simon Ho asked us (visual artists Evita Galanou and Thomas Wollenberger) to create visuals for his concert "Klee in Brazil and back" (PROPOSAL) for the Zentrum Paul Klee. The research for the visuals, led to the creation of games that use Paul Klee's Artworks, an approach that we are also planning to use for the Concert-visuals.

Paul Klee

"Bird wandering off" 1921

Paul Klee


Please wait for the games to load.

When they open click the Full Screen Button
on the upper right corner.

Looks like the icon after this text.

(Button doesn't work on mobiles but the games do) 

In the game's intro you find credits and instructions.

We were able to host these games on our site thanks to htmlifier from Scratcher Sheep_maker. 

Paul Klee's


The Artwork “Fish Magic” 1925, by Paul Klee
Music from the composition “Blue“ by Simon Ho
Vocals by Henk Hofstede

Concept and Programming
Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger

Made with Scratch
Special thanks to the amazing Scratch Community

The Big Yellow fish follows your mouse.
Search all elements in the artwork that are
programmed to play sounds on mouse touch.
Think of the game as a visual Orchestra
and you are conducting with the fish.

Paul Klee's


The Artwork “Kleinode” 1937, by Paul Klee
A Piano Scale of 15 Notes by Simon Ho

Concept and Programming
Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger

Made with Scratch
Special thanks to the amazing Scratch Community
and McGuy's Tutorial: How to make a Number Counter (display numbers)

Find all 15 elements that complete the painting from Paul Klee.
With your mouse you are guiding the black circle
that appears at game start down/left.

As you move in the labyrinth be careful not to touch the black lines.
If you do, you crash and you have to restart from the initial position.
There is a timer up/left. Up/right you see how many elements are left to find.

Find out what happens when you touch colors red, white, green.

Paul Klee's


The Artwork “Camel in Rhythmic Landscape with Trees” 1920,
by Paul Klee
Music from the composition “Red“
by Simon Ho

Concept and Programming
Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger

Made with Scratch
Special thanks to the amazing Scratch Community

All round shapes are programmed to
play sounds on mouse touch.
Press “Space” key to change instrument.
(not possible on mobile devices/we are working on an alternative...)
Think of the game as a visual Orchestra
and you are conducting with your mouse.

Der grosse Kaiser zum Kampf gerüstet, 1921, Paul Klee'

Paul Klee's


The Artwork
Music composition by Simon Ho used in the concert "Klee in Brazil"

Concept and Programming Remix
Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger
Original Programming Griffpatch ("Broken Ragdoll")

Made with Scratch
Special thanks to the amazing Scratch Community
and to Griffpatch

The emperor escaped from the painting and he is heavily armed. 
This gives a weight to his hands that he can't control so he acts crazy.
You can drag him around push him in all directions and when he finally stops moving you can help him get back to dancing to the music. I always try to place him back to the painting but it will never be possible.

"Landschaft mit gelben Vögeln" 1923

Paul Klee

Paul Klee's



The Artwork
by Paul Klee

from the composition "Yellow"
by Simon Ho

by You

Concept and Programming
Evita Galanou
with help of
LENO - Underwater Project

Special thanks to
Thomas Wollenberger

Made with Scratch

The elements that compose the artwork will gradually appear playing sounds when you go over them with your mouse.

You can try to control the arrangment of the music produced during the completion of the Artwork.

Once you know what is where you can also control the order in which the painting is being revealed. 

When every element has reached 100% visibility the Titles appear and the image zooms out so you can see the whole painting. 

ins Nachbar-haus  
Test Version

"Ins Nachbarhaus" 1940

Paul Klee

Game 7 coming soon...

"Märchen", 1929

Paul Klee

"Kosmische Flora" 1917 

Paul Klee


Concept and Planning 





Visual artists Evita Galanou & Thomas Wollenberger, founders of PLAYANDVISION, invited by composer and musician Simon Ho to create videos for his concert “Klee in Brazil and Back”, propose  a series of events that aim to make our cultural heritage part of our everyday lives.

All events will be exploring the possibilities of interaction between the public, the performers and the work of different artists, starting with Paul Klee who has massively influenced our work and thinking. We will be using an educational tool for coding called Scratch, by the MIT media Lab, to create games for our computers and mobile phones, an exhibition space, a stage for a concert. As of March 2021, community statistics on the Scratch official website show more than 73 million projects shared by over 68 million users and almost 38 million monthly website visits. link to wikipedia

Everyone among the young people knows the game "Angry Birds" but very few the artist Paul Klee and many others.
We are challenged by the idea to populate games with higher aesthetic, poetic, musical, social and educational values that draw their inspiration from artists works and spirit.

The process to get us to the final results is what we find even more exciting: An open call to kids and adults to take part in the creation of the project.

The public, visiting the exhibition space or the concert will be part of the celebration by interacting with the worlds created.

We would like to set up Playandvision to be the internet platform where games and fun meet art and poetry and our partners -Museums - Galleries - Schools can link to it. 



For the realisation of the project we would like to invite Museums, Galleries and schools as partners.
Workshops organised by Museums or schools Teams, will give the possibility to participants, kids and adults, to create animations and games with artists works. 
The results will go into voting and be used to compose the main content for the games, the concert or the exhibition.
All games can be uploaded and shared in the future version of playandvision's website as well as shared with the scratch community. All co-creators will be credited accordingly.

Participants will learn and practice the following applications: Scratch, a programming language for kids and adults, Affinity Photo, Photoshop or Gimp, Cartoon animator and Morphage. The process is about creating png elements out of Artists ArtWorks in different layers in order to afterwards animate each one separately. 

After mastering these simple tools, each person will be able to complete his/her own ArtistWorld and join the amazing open source community of scratch programmers.

We have created a few simple games with Paul Klee's Works and the music of Simon Ho, as examples to open the doors of imagination. (link to demo games)



Magic, poetry and art, why not use Art History's masterpieces to create worlds for the storytelling in games?
Why not let us get inspired by the spirit of the artist and symbolism in the art work to create stories?
The most important question, we have to answer all together:
As games create addiction, so carefully mastered by game designers, how can we use the same mechanism to feed productive minds?
What kind of games would we wish our children to play?
What stories shall we tell, to turn all these gaming hours into a productive activity? 

Aus der "Zeichnung zum Tanz des trauernden Kindes", 1921

Paul Klee

The Playandvision project forwards ideas that explore the pursuit of the Epicurean definition of happiness.

Play stands for recreation and fun, as well as for performing music/ theater. Vision stands for visual arts and visionary ideas.

PlayandVision, wishes to contribute to social change with projects that explore and promote happiness in togetherness. Under the motto “From “I” to “we” ” we are challenged to find the answer to the ancient question “what makes our lives happy?”

People together, of any age or nationality, interacting, having fun, connecting through creativity. Our purpose is, to filter / enlarge the Ego of each of us in a cheerful creative WE. In order for this to happen, we believe diversity and multiculturalism are necessary conditions.

What can we do to feel connected with others and nature, to be willing to share and exchange, to not be afraid, to train kindness and openness, to have more of what triggers good thoughts? 

With playandvision we hope to find the answers together.



Evita Galanou born in Athens 1965 and Thomas Wollenberger born in Zürich 1961, live and work in both cities as visual artists. Evita studied Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, Italy and Thomas Photography and Theater in California and New York. They have been working as video-designers for the stage, since 1998, for various theater and opera productions in Europe, such as "Isnt Nits Nite" Schauspielhaus Zürich, "Rheingold" Bayreuther Festspiele, "Tosca" Bregenzer Festspiele, to name a few and have directed the visual concert "Eusi chlii Stadt", in Zurich.
As founders of PLAYANDVISION they are mainly interested in concepts that promote collective happiness and satisfaction, a necessity for a peaceful and prosperous society.

Simon Ho (Hostettler) is a Swiss composer and pianist. Writes compositions and concepts for dance, performance, film and art projects, performed in Switzerland, New York, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Brazil. Lives and works in Bern and Brussels.
World premieres of contemporary and classical music at the International Music Festival Lucerne, at the Centro para la Difusion de la Musica Contemporanea in Madrid, New York, Berlin, Mexico, Buenos Aires, Havana, Amsterdam and Switzerland.
Ho is a guest composer at the Deutsches Theater Berlin, the Staatstheater Stuttgart, the Stadttheater Bern, the Theater Luzern, the Schauspielhaus Zürich, the Theater Pokolenjy in St.Petersburg and numerous independent dance and theater groups in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with over 100 productions at home and abroad.
As composer and arranger he worked on 15 CD productions for Tzadik New York, his solo albums "Simon Ho", Ho-Orchestra, I Salonisti (Sony Classic), Züri West, Shelley Hirsch and others.
Won various music prizes. 

Vera Zefki born in 1967, currently lives and works in Athens, as a freelance architect. She has studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens. Since 1992, Vera has been designing and remodelling houses as well as shops, workspaces, furniture, objects, clothing, stage sets and costumes. Her personal approach to Design is focused on re-defining the correlation between Habitation / Co-Habitation and the Human Body. 

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