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Welcome to the Wheel To The Storm Web Site!

Let me start by explaining the choices that are included in the above menu. This site serves as a portal to various other sites of mine. Due to security reasons, things like preventing bots access, etc., these sites will open in a seperate window. You may be asked to enter a user name and password to access the site. Just look at my email, or card I gave you at the show for this information. You can also contact me with any questions you have.

The "Shows" section is the download/stream area for my master recordings. As I am a taper as well as a trader, this area was developed for the express purpose of archiving my masters (shows I recorded) and allowing them to be downloaded/streamed via the Internet. All files in this section are flac audio files. This format is lossless. Formats that are lossy, such as mp3 and wma are not considered valid forms of compression here. For further help in obtaining, and playing these audio files, please see the HowTo page. The audio quality of these master recordings vary from descent to unlistenable, the later being most prominate, as most are audience recordings.

The "Archive" section is made up of sbd recordings, webcasts, videos, as well as studio releases. Since there are different band recording and trading policies that need to be adhered too, it is impossible to make this public.This is only offered to the OnTheBusNetwork members.

The "WheelBB" section is
an updated style of the old Bulletin Boards on UseNet.This is only offered to the OnTheBusNetwork members.

The "
WheelDB" section is a dashboard for the various endeavors from WheelToTheStorm. It includes the full blown Archive. It also includes The New Speedway, the latest depository, select Artists complete tours spaning back years, and some other nifty features. This is only offered to WheelToTheStorm+ subscribers. 

The "Taper's Pit" section is for select recordings, culled from the etree collection at archive.org

All material and activities on this site are legal. All artists offered here allow taping of their shows, and each bands trading policy is adhered too completely. Some bands draw a fine line on the distribution of the recorded shows. Usually where the line is drawn is posting, or allowing downloads of the show over the Internet. They feel that traditional methods of trading between actual people is fine, but mass distribution is a grey area right now. I honor all bands requests.

 If you are new to all of this, you may want to look at the help file.


Who Am I:

Currently, I live in the fine State of Colorado. I have been trading tapes since the mid 1970's. I've been a taper since 1998. I'm a member of the Colorado Recording Guild, and part of the "On The Bus Network". My main web presence is here, but I can also be found at etree, and the LMA.

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