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The Rights of the People: or Civil Government and Religion by Alonzo T. Jones
Mp3 Audio Book



Chapter 1-01 - Christianity and the Roman Empire

Chapter 1-02 - What Is Due to God, and What to Cesar

Chapter 1-03 - The Powers that Be

Chapter 2-01 - The Rights of the People

Chapter 2-02 - How the United States Became a Nation

Chapter 2-03 - What Is the Nation

Chapter 2-04 - Who Made the Nation

Chapter 2-05 - Religious Right in the United States

Chapter 2-06 - Religious Right Invaded

Chapter 2-07 - The People’s Right of Appeal

Chapter 2-08 - National Precedent on Right of Appeal

Chapter 2-09 - The Buglers, the Miners and Sappers

Chapter 2-10 - The Sunday-Law Movement in the Fourth Century, and its Parallel in the Nineteenth

Chapter 2-11 - Will the People Assert and Maintain their Rights

Chapter 2-12 - Religious Right in the States

Chapter 3-01 - Appendix A - The Declaration of Independence

Chapter 3-04 - Appendix D - The “Christian Nation” Decision


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