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Christ and His Righteousness

Christ and His Righteousness, by Ellet J. Waggoner

What is the true meaning of Righteousness by Faith?  How can this be practically applied to our lives?  Are we bound to continue in this round of sinning and repenting, sinning and repenting forever?  This book gives practical answers for these questions and more.  You will be blessed by the answers.  

CHR00 Introduction

CHR01 How Shall We Consider Christ

CHR02 Is Christ God

CHR03 Christ as Creator

CHR04 Is Christ a Created Being

CHR05 God Manifest in the Flesh

CHR06 Important Practical Lessons

CHR07 Christ the Lawgiver

CHR08 The Righteousness of God

CHR09 The Lord Our Righteousness

CHR10 Acceptance with God

CHR11 The Victory of Faith

CHR12 Bond Servants and Freemen

CHR13 Practical Illustrations of Deliverance From Bondage

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