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History of the Sabbath, by J. N. Loughborough
Mp3 Audio Book

Chapter 00 - Preface

Chapter 01 - The Creation

Chapter 02 - The Institution of the Sabbath

Chapter 03 - The Sabbath Committed to the Hebrews

Chapter 04 - The Fourth Commandment

Chapter 05 - The Sabbath Written by the Finger of God

Chapter 06 - The Sabbath During the Day of Temptation

Chapter 07 - The Feasts, New Moons and Sabbaths of the Hebrews

Chapter 08 - The Sabbath from David to Nehemiah

Chapter 09 - The Sabbath from Nehemiah to Christ

Chapter 10 - The Sabbath During the Last of the Seventy Weeks

Chapter 11 - The Sabbath During the Ministry of the Apostles

Chapter 12 - Early Apostasy in the Church

Chapter 13 - The Sunday-Lord's Day Not Traceable to the Apostles

Chapter 14 - The First Witnesses for Sunday

Chapter 15 - Examination of a Famous Falsehood

Chapter 16 - Origin of First-Day Observance

Chapter 17 - The Nature of Early First-Day Observance

Chapter 18 - The Sabbath in the Record of the Early Fathers

Chapter 19 - The Sabbath and First-Day During the First Five Centuries

Chapter 20 - Sunday During the Dark Ages

Chapter 21 - Traces of the Sabbath During the Dark Ages

Chapter 22 - Position of the Reformers Concerning the Sabbath and First Day

Chapter 23 - Luther and Carlstadt

Chapter 24 - Sabbath-Keepers in the Sixteenth Century

Chapter 25 - How and When Sunday Appropriated the Fourth Commandment

Chapter 26 - English Sabbath-Keepers

Chapter 27 - The Sabbath in America



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