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The menu at the top of each page contains the following options:

  • Home: Takes you back to the Home page.

  • Bible: Takes you to a page where you can select which book of the Bible you want to read. You are then prompted as to which chapter you want top read.

  • About: Additional information about KJVu(tm).

  • Other: Other miscellaneous information.

  • FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Bible Chapter


When reading a chapter in the Bible, below the top menu above it will show you what chapter you are reading with arrows to the left and the right. The left arrow will take you to the previous chapter, while the arrow to the right will take you to the next chapter.


Verses in parentheses have been updated from the original 1611 Bible. Click on the verse number to see what was updated. When you click the link there will be a back button to return where you left off.

Below the chapter number is an "Update" button/link that will take you to a page with all the updated for the chaper you are viewing.


At the bottom of the page are three buttons:

  • « Previous: Takes you to the previous chapter.

  • Top: Takes you to the top of the page.

  • Next »: Takes you to the next chapter.

Table of Contents

The sidebar to the left of the chapter (or on top for some devices) allows you to jump to various topics within the page.

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