As expected, there has been a lot of negative feedback from people who are KJV-Only. However, there has also been some positive feedback from people. Here is a sampling:

"I’m personally, really impressed with your work and your decision to undertake such a task. And your decision to dedicate it to the public domain, which for some strange reason is not the norm when dealing in Holy Scripture. If it means anything at all your work and more so your 'being' are inspiring, to say the least. Thank you."
~ swooned8627 - From "Christian doctrine" group on Matrix 2/4/2023

"Wow! So I just finished reading Genesis 1. It is very readable. I like how you have sectioned and titled the days of creation. This is very helpful for referencing purposes. Thank you for doing that. It doesn’t "feel like" I’m reading the King James Bible at all but I am and that’s pretty cool. It’s very readable."
~ Christine - From "In Christ Alone" group on Matrix 1/29/2022

God’s Word can NOT be copyrighted by man.

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