Blake Smith

Blake Smith, a 20 year old Pastoral student, died on February 3, 2018. A little over a month before that tragic day, he was asked to preach the New Year's Eve service at his church, Mountain View Baptist Church1 in Birmingham, AL.

His last message, ironically, was on the brevity of life and if God has asked you to do something, you better do it now because you are not guaranteed tomorrow.

We would be honored if you took 16 minutes to watch to his last message below:

Blake was 100% certain of his salvation. Are you? You can know if you are saved, or not, by taking the Salvation Test here.

If you have determined you are not saved, please do not wait. You can learn how to be saved here. As Blake said in his last sermon, none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.

Please, do not put off the most important decision you will make in this life.

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