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Baldwin Center Men's Club Visits SHS May 5, 2017
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May 5, 2017
By Dolores Hoctor

   The Stratford Historical Society hosted 30 men from the Baldwin Center Men's Club on Friday, May 5, 2017. Bob Mastroni arranged for the group to hold their meeting in the Society's Museum first and after some light refreshments, have a guided tour of the Judson House. It was a chance to show off the Museum exhibits as well as the House and its treasures.

   The large group was divided into three segment led by Bob who is a longtime docent himself, Dennis Brunelle, docent and Vice President of the Society, Dolores Hoctor, docent and Education Chair and experienced docents Betty Minaudo and Carolyn Ross.

   The focus of the tour was the Revolutionary War emphasizing the issues of that day - taxation, raids, disease, recruiting and supplies argued back and forth by the Patriot guide and the Loyalist. Supplementing the issues were stories of actual Stratford residents, William Samuel Johnson, Abner Judson, Mary Edwards, John Brooks and Jack Arabus living in Stratford at the time of the war and incidents involving them that brought the problems to the fore. Each room in the Judson House acted as a suitable venue for a given story and discussion.

   What makes the tours so real and immediate is that the House, the town and the people of that time can actually be tied to historic events that were occurring elsewhere on a larger scale. Those are the happenings we read about in history books. We can be proud that our town has its own record that becomes our immediate heritage.

   Photos courtesy of Robert Anderson, Baldwin Center Men's Club.