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Shedding the Shed October 30th
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Shedding the Shed October 30th

   Calamity led to comradery Saturday morning, the 29th of October, when eight members of the Stratford Historical Society gathered to salvage a number of items from a storage shed damaged beyond repair when a tree fell on it in a storm several months ago.

   Carol Lovell, Curator/Director, her assistant, Sandy Rutkowsky, President Shirley McCormack, volunteers Barbara Firisin, Jeanette Caron, Dolores Hoctor, Gail Liscio, Laureen Pekar, Ginny Millington and Jim Shannon joined forces to empty, accession and relocate items representing the historic remains of Stratford’s past.

   Some of the items included spinning wheels, yarn winders, tools used in a bygone era, a ten foot oyster tongs, bedframe, mantel, doors, pieces of historic homes no longer in existence, troughs, a sled and wagon wheels. Ten workers quickly accomplished the job and the damaged shed, soon to be carted away, will be just a memory.