Roosevelt Forest
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Birds seen or heard in Roosevelt Forest
(The following information was generously submitted by Brian Webster)

* - Probable Breeder SP= Spring, SU= Summer, F= Fall, W= Winter
Species Notes
Double-crested Cormorant  rare/accidental in pond; fly-overs
Great Blue Heron more frequent in SU/F
Great Egret mostly fly-overs but will visit pond
Green Heron * common in late SP-early F
Mute Swan  fly-overs
Canada Goose year-round resident
Snow Goose  rare fly-over migrants in F
Wood Duck * has bred in the past; breeding boxes need help
Mallard possible year-round
Turkey Vulture year-round resident; most common in SU/F
Sharp-shinned Hawk more frequent in W, though present year-round
Cooper's Hawk more frequent in W, though present year-round
Red-shouldered Hawk * present SP-F; rare in W
Broad-winged Hawk seen most frequently during F migration
Red-tailed Hawk * year-round resident; common
Bald Eagle fly-overs in migration and W
Osprey fly-overs from Housatonic breeders (SP-F) and in migration
Merlin rare fly-overs during migration; very rare during W
American Kestrel rare fly-overs during migration; state resident
Peregrine Falcon rare fly-overs during migration; very rare rest of the year
Wild Turkey * year-round residents
American Woodcock * uncommon; active courtship displays during early SP
Ring-billed Gull possible fly-overs year-round from Housatonic
Herring Gull possible fly-overs year-round from Housatonic
Mourning Dove * year-round resident
Monk Parakeet possible fly-overs from near-by breeding populations (Boothe Park)
Great Horned Owl * uncommon year-round
Barred Owl rare year-round; unlikely breeder
Eastern Screech-Owl * uncommon/rare year-round
Common Nighthawk possible fly-overs seen hawking insects at dusk during migrations
Chimney Swift common overhead during late SP-early F
Ruby-throated Hummingbird * uncommon during SP-early F; nests around pond
Red-bellied Woodpecker * common year-round; relatively abundant
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker  uncommon during W and migrations
Downy Woodpecker * common year-round, abundant
Hairy Woodpecker * common year-round; less abundant than Downy 
Northern Flicker *  common year-round can be very numerous during early F
Pileated Woodpecker * uncommon/rare year-round; may or may not breed on grounds
Eastern Wood-Pewee * uncommon during SP-F
Yellow-bellied Flycatcher rare during migrations
Least Flycatcher quite uncommon during late SP-F; may breed
Eastern Phoebe * common early SP-late F; particularly abundant during early F
Great Crested Flycatcher * uncommon breeder; seen late SP-F
Eastern Kingbird uncommon around pond SP-F; may breed
Red-eyed Vireo *  uncommon-common during SP-F
Warbling Vireo uncommon SP-F; may breed
Philadelphia Vireo uncommon/rare during migrations
White-eyed Vireo uncommon/rare late SP-F; unlikely breeder
Yellow-throated Vireo uncommon late SP-F; unlikely breeder
Blue-headed Vireo  uncommon late SP-F; common during migrations; unlikely breeder
Blue Jay * common year-round; large numbers often seen during F migration
Common Raven rare fly-overs from birds nesting in Shelton; year-round state resident
American Crow common year-round
Fish Crow year-round residents; less common than American
Bank Swallow uncommon during SP-F
Barn Swallow uncommon during SP-F
Tufted Titmouse * abundant year-round
Black-capped Chickadee * quite common year-round
Red-breasted Nuthatch uncommon in conifers late F-W
White-breasted Nuthatch * uncommon-common year-round
Brown Creeper uncommon year-round resident; more frequent in W; may breed
Carolina Wren * uncommon year-round
House Wren * uncommon in SP-F
Winter Wren uncommon-rare during migrations and W
Golden-crowned Kinglet uncommon during W and migrations; prefers conifers
Ruby-crowned Kinglet uncommon during migrations; very rarely do they over winter
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher uncommon during migrations, may breed (SP-early F)
Eastern Bluebird rare in W; year-round state resident
American Robin * common year-round, abundant in early SP
Wood Thrush * uncommon late SP-F
Veery uncommon late SP-F
Swainson's Thrush rare/very uncommon during migrations
Bicknell's Thrush very rare during migrations (last documented sighting - 9/29/07)
Hermit Thrush uncommon SP-F; very rare in W; unlikely breeder
Gray Catbird * very common from SP-F; rarely over winters
Northern Mockingbird * uncommon year-round resident 
Brown Thrasher very uncommon during migrations
European Starling * common year-round; invasive species
Cedar Waxwing uncommon-common year-round resident; may breed
Northern Parula uncommon during migrations
Blue-winged Warbler  rare during migrations; possible breeder (powerline-cut)
Nashville Warbler quite uncommon during migrations
Yellow Warbler * a more common warbler; breeds and seen in migrations (early F migrant)
Chestnut-sided Warbler uncommon during migrations; may breed
Magnolia Warbler fairly uncommon during migrations; may prefer conifers
Black-throated Blue Warbler uncommon during migrations; can be abundant on good migration days
Blackburnian very uncommon migrant
Yellow-rumped Warbler common during migrations; one of the latest F migrants
Black-throated Green Warbler uncommon during migrations; may be common on good migration days
Palm Warbler uncommon during migrations; often a late F migrant
Pine Warbler  uncommon during migrations; could breed in pines along pond
Blackpoll Warbler uncommon during migrations; may be seen in large flocks
Worm-eating Warbler very uncommon migrant; possible breeder
Black-and-white Warbler * uncommon during migrations; seen SP-F
American Redstart * may be abundant during migrations, uncommon breeder SP-F
Ovenbird * uncommon breeder; seen late SP-F
Northern Waterthrush very uncommon during migrations; favors streams/water
Louisiana Waterthrush very uncommon during migrations; unlikely breeder
Mourning Warbler rare migrant (last documented sighting in July 2007)
Common Yellowthroat * common breeder and migrant from SP-F
Canada Warbler rare migrant (last documented sighting in June 2009)
Scarlet Tanager *  uncommon-common breeder and migrant; seen SP-early F
Northern Cardinal * common year-round
Rose-breasted Grosbeak * uncommon breeder during SP-late SU
Indigo Bunting rather uncommon migrant; could breed in powerline-cut 
Eastern Towhee * uncommon; seen early SP-late F
American Tree Sparrow uncommon-common during late F and W
Chipping Sparrow * relatively common during SP and F
White-throated Sparrow common during F and W
White-crowned Sparrow very uncommon during migrations; often with White-throats
Fox Sparrow rare W visitor and migrant
Song Sparrow * common year-round resident
Swamp Sparrow uncommon-common; can be seen year round; may breed
Dark-eyed Junco relatively common during F and W
Brown-headed Cowbird * seen year-round; parasitic breeder
Red-winged Blackbird uncommon-common year-round; may form large flocks in SP and F
Rusty Blackbird rare visitor to wet areas in W
Common Grackle rather common year-round; may form large flocks in SP and F
Baltimore Oriole * less common than in other areas of CT; seen from SP-early F
House Finch * common year-round, more-so in W
White-winged Crossbill very rare during W, irruptive 
Pine Siskin rare-common in late F-W; irruptive
American Goldfinch * common year-round
House Sparrow * common year-round; invasive species

Roosevelt Forest, Stratford, Fairfield County, Connecticut USA