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Wheel To The Storm's Live Recordings
  One of my favorite hobbies is collecting live music. Here you can view my list and see what shows I have, then set up a trade, or request a copy. There's a download section of the shows I've mastered (recorded), and an extensive Taper's Guide for those who wish to know more about field recording equipment, techniques and acoustical physics.
Let's Trade!!!

Shakedown Street
  With the invention of web enabled cell phones, pda's, mp3 players, and other mobile devices, all with different platforms and languages, the need to provide content to those different devices spurned the creation of these sites.
Just Got To Poke Around...

The Lazy River Road
  It wasn't long after the invention of the WWW and html that my first site appeared. This is a good look at what the beginnings of the web were like. State Of The Art in it's time, comical now. This site is no longer maintained.
Lazy River Road's Music Site...

OnTheBus Gateway 
  A Content Management Framework that ties together various online endeavors of mine. Entirely database driven. The content is separate from the design. A complete departure from traditional html markup.
Get On The Bus...

The Virtual Library 
  This is an on going project. In my studies it was always difficult to find primary sources. I had to wade through numerous pages to get to what I wanted. So I designed this site to put these all at my fingertips.
US History Gateway...

Favorite Spots

Search by city, artist, or venue! 

Vote Smart:

The perfect place to get informed for upcoming elections.

Flash Earth:
Satellite Images. Who's car is that in my driveway?

The ultimate encyclopedia.

Internet Public Library
Just like the brick and mortar, but in your pj's.

The Internet Archive:
Power house of collections.
Great archive of setlists for those hard to id shows.

dbEtree: Resource for the serious taper!


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