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An important note on "Review spoilers" and "Review ratings".

Hi, I'm Norm, aka Sagely Fox, aka Aegiswiz.

I'm a retired polymath with wide eclectic interests and too many skill sets to politely list. If you landed here you likely ran across the side effect of one of my avocations: reading, politics, archaeology, astrophysics, all things unusual, strange, or considered trash or "garbage info" by normal people. My interests are like my skill sets. Few things don't interest me.

Politics is another pass time that would best be left ignored, but I tend to write about it on social media. I strongly advocate thinking.

The Sagely Fox blogs are all subtitled, *Watching, Thinking, Learning*. By doing this I've discovered that nearly every belief I've ever believed was, at least for some time, based on smoke and mirrors. What I learned growing up, in schools, colleges, universities, jobs, ad infinitum, is that it is a bad idea to believe anything you haven't researched yourself at great length, then suspected all your sources were in error.

If you're interested in my reading (Sagely Fox), I post first in P-cloud (like One Drive, Google Drive, or Dropbox) in my Public Files. I then copy the HTML to I paste the html in Notepad++ where I strip out most the html and adjust the content so it will work in Goodreads.

I like to post in Bookbub, LibraryThing, & but rarely have the time. I don't do Google, Smashwords, and many others where I buy books and have a profile as I just don't think to do it.

I intentionally NEVER post a review in Amazon unless an author directly asked me to post a review or I really want to help or encourage a specific author. Amazon rejects my reviews 90% of the time for their own political reasons. I mention the wrong people, or mention how Amazon has caused me heartache, whatever, and they refuse to post the review. That's fine. I've just decided that putting even ten seconds effort into their "reviews" is an entire waste of MY time.

Finally, I've studied writing, writers, and psychology for several decades. I'm more inclined to think like an editor, friend or agent agent writing a critique than an enthusiastic fan enjoying a book when writing a book review.

Norm on Goodreads

Goodreads is where I've most consistently written anything (over a number of years) about what I have read. Reviews? Babbling? I've listed all the others because you can also find my reviews or book-related stuff at these places

I started a "Sagely Fox" website on WordPress in the hope I could present my content to appear as I'd like it to appear as opposed to the Goodreads appearance. Unfortunately, I find WordPress complicate, restrictive and getting worse with every "upgrade" or "improvement". Frustrated with WordPress I tried blogspot. Blogspot is Google's attempt to crush the competition of WordPress. Google actually does a better job of offering free blogging space, but it too has it's own set of limitations. I can post a piece, review, article on Blogspot in half the time it takes to do on WordPress. So often, the WordPress blog gets the "I don't have time for it, cold shoulder. Such is my reading-related internet "footprint".

I've tried to keep my "other" interests, separate on a blog called A Dark Luminance. There, I'm not inclined to discuss books. There my "should be canceled" thinking shines.

Norm's Cloud, Public Files Section

I write my reviews in Markdown. I export it to HTML, add the custom css classes to make the site appear as I truely wish it would where ever I otherwise publish my reviews.

Sagely Fox on Blogspot

I post my HTML from the P-cloud reviews in Blogspot. Then, to make them appear the same I change the css classes to css style statements. It usually works out quite well. If anyone actually read them and reacted or responded to them, I may adjust what I do. It is what it is, so this is what I do. Like an author without critiques, I can't fix what I don't know is broken.

Sagely Fox on WordPress

While I love the WordPress community, the actual "WordPress" application has become ridiculously complicated. While it may be wonderful if a person spent a few months learning how best to use WordPress, I'm getting too old to spend long periods learning complicated applications when no one reads that blog anyway.

Here is where I will list how to hook up with me on various social media sites.

Due to my "principles" I've quit, or have been "canceled" on several social media sites. I've opened new accounts other-where. So at the moment this is in flux. I am on Parler, Clouthub, Gab, Minds, Mewe, Freetalk24, Sociallio, Mastadon (Fediverse) via I share videos from time to time on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, or other-where. All this activity is more inclined to reflect my "should be canceled" thinking and beliefs.

As time permits, I'll list how to hook up with me on any of these sites. Meanwhile, there is a contact email listed below. I will receive and read email within a few days of you sending it, unless something unpleasant should happen to me. Replying... I do want to. I find "retirement" far more time consuming than working. I can't keep up.

I'm on Bookbub

LibraryThing Catalog, Profile & TinyCat Library

I rarely visit the LibraryThing. It seems to be a nice community to participate in but I've never put in the time to build or participate in their communities.

I'm on Chirp. You can get discounts there too!

My Profile on Worldcat

Amazon Profile




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Email me. Say hi. Request a book or audiobook. My e-library (grown over a decade) is nearly 3 TB in size, spread over 4 clouds, 8 Portable External Hard Drives & dozens of usb or sd drives. It may be, I have it and can loan it to you!

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