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Exec. Elder

Build It and They Will Come. No.... they won't. Thank God!

You may remember the movie  Field of Dreams, a strange but intriguing story of an Iowa farmer who constructs a baseball field on his farm a…

Started by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder in Ministry TalkLatest Reply

Exec. Elder

SPUR ONE ANOTHER ON.... Thanks! I Needed That!

I never really spent much time thinking about Paul's choice of words here: "Let us hold resolutely to the hope we confess, for He who promi…

Started by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder in Ministry TalkLatest Reply

Exec. Elder

New Platform Updates!

I was recently speaking with Min. Dana Adams about our transition and I thought it would be a word of encouragement for everyone to hear an…

Started by Michael Mooney, Exec. Elder in AnnouncementsLatest Reply

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Policy and Network Rules -MUST READ-

Here are the rules for discussion so that we might keep this a place of fellowship and fun

15 Sep 6, 2018
Reply by Shyam Kumar Rai


Here you can read NACM Announcements

60 Dec 20, 2018
Reply by danny ray cyrus

Ministry Spotlight

This area exists to honor members by spotlighting their contributions to the Kingdom of God.

24 Nov 9, 2017
Reply by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder

Celebrating the Laying On of Hands

“If one member is honored, all rejoice together” (1Co 12:26 ESV). This area is dedicated to celebrating the blessing of the laying on of hands. Anytime one of our members receives the blessing, we encourage them or the elder to tell of the encounter here (and include pictures if you have them). We should have added this section a long time ago, but it is here now! :)

879 Feb 20
Reply by Timothy Westmoreland Coord Elder

How to Use this Site

Website Tutorials

2 Dec 16, 2014
Reply by Richard Patrick Edge

Churches Needing Pastors

This area is for the posting of ministries and churches needing ministers.

125 Jan 12
Reply by James Gipson (Jim)

Our Leadership

Here you can find those members who are in leadership positions within this organization and are pivotal in maintaining the integrity of this organization.

0 No activity yet

Research in Ministry

This area is for survey, discussion, and the bouncing around ideas in the collection of information to improve ministry.

117 Dec 21, 2018
Reply by James Duane Kvale

Words of Encouragement

Here we can offer words of encouragement

1417 8 hours ago
by Jake Sartwell, Coord Elder VT

Celebrations/Praise Reports

Here we can post celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and praise reports

204 Jan 5
Reply by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder


Here we can post testimonies of our salvation experiences so that others can be encouraged by the transformational power of God.

175 Sep 9, 2018
Reply by Cathy Bandy

Surveys/Opinion Poll

The purpose of this area is to collect opinions about ministry related subjects. It is a great way to generate new ideas.

215 Oct 17, 2018
Reply by Timothy Westmoreland Coord Elder

Bible Trivia

Here we can post Bible trivia for the fun of seeing who can find the answers

55 Oct 17, 2018
Reply by Dr. Craig Wimsett

Tell a Joke

Here we can post good clean humor and jokes

131 Oct 5, 2018
Reply by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder

Ministry Talk

Here we can talk about anything that pertains to ministry: Applying for a 501c3, Setting up a Church, Starting a Small Group, Hospital, Nursing Home, and Jail Visitation etc.

1094 Feb 4
Reply by Rodger Niemeier Exec Elder

Bible Studies

Here we can post Bible studies that we may have written, as well as study the Bible together.

427 on Wednesday
From the Cross to the Glory
by Robert Hall (NetChaplain)

That's not in the Bible...?

One does not have to be in ministry more than 5 minutes before they find that many people think the Bible says things that it simply does not say. For example, "Cleanliness is next to godliness." The Bible does not say this, but many people think that it is God's Word. This area of the fellowship is dedicated to discussing sayings, quotes, ideas, etc. that many people mistake as being in the Bible. It is intended that this is a discussion of fun and fellowship. This area should not have postings regarding doctrines such as "once saved always saved." HAVE FUN and smile a little!

27 Dec 18, 2018
Reply by Chaplain Joshua Chaney

Share a Sermon

Here we can share a message, or sermon that we have prepared.

282 Dec 14, 2018
Reply by James Duane Kvale

Bible Oddities

Here we can post discussions about "odd" things found in scripture. This are is for "open minded" talk. Please do not be judgmental of people's posts here.

36 Aug 8, 2018
Reply by Jim Randall

Philosophy of Theology

Here the philosophy of theology can be discussed and "iron sharpens iron". This area is not for the thin of skin. All discussion must be keep respectful. We ask if you are not truly interested in such conversations, please do not enter.

186 Jan 23
Devoted Service
by Robert Hall (NetChaplain)


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