Pok-O-MacCready Distinguished Alumni
Pok-O-MacCready’s version of the “Hall of Fame” is to have a boat named in your honor.  The following people have been bestowed this prestigious citation:
Jim Bottomley John and Judy Konowitz
James Hankins Tim "Skip" Singer
Russ Van Korb Alan Madden
Bob Andrews
"Uncle" Rob Childress SAILBOAT
Skip Storer Jack and Sarah Swan
Jack Andrews Missy Livsey
Colonel H.T. Swan Phil and Mary Corell
"Aunt Sarah" Robinson Swan Kelly Daley Zimmerman
Charles Cameron
Eddie Cameron TREE
Matty Ryan Jean Sidaras
Bruce Korten Sarah Lynch Disney
Karl Doyle Mary Corell
Bill Eddy Melissa Livsey
Mike McCusker
Florence James Sue Andrews Bagli (Barn)
Peter Aschkenasy Julie Marguiles (Cabin)
Chris Stokes Alison and Claire Sherred (Cabin)
Ken "Squeaky" Herz Sadie Robinson (Cabin)
Peter Levine Russ Van Korb (Cabin)
Sharp Swan James Hankins (Cabin)
Ken Ryba Charles A. Robinson (Dining Hall)
Nevin Whiteley  (Stage)
Jean Sidaras (Camp Store, Cabin)