Get set for a competitive, dramatic, painful sprint to the finish!

"With such an elite field of runners, this year's race is tougher than ever to pick," says oddsmaker Danny Sheridan. "The new, longer, flatter trail up Pok-O will mean running, not hiking the last mile. It's gonna hurt, and victory will go to whoever saved a little bit in the tank."

Sheridan, who successfully picked the winner in all four divisions in 2017, predicts that "
Even with the longer route and humid conditions, the 12-year old women's record will fall. The course is in great shape and there are as many top-notch ladies as there are men this year."

Also, "
look out for some significant comebacks from a few racers. Former champions Mark Corell and Alexandra Disney, along with perennial top-3 finishers Kurt Schuler and Jason Metakis are back, and could all content for the respective division titles."
Place  # MEN'S RACERS Finish Time The Skinny
1 81 Ryan Atkins 1:57:19 USA and/or World Champion in Obstacle, Spartan, Warrior and even Unicycle races.
2 3 Jan Wellford 2:04:45 His best hope is for rookie Atkins to get lost.   Still, Fifth Top-5 in five races for '13 champ
3 1 Sean Davis 2:06:12 Has been battling illness, but if he's feeling just right, he could still defend his championship
4 64 Mark Corell 2:06:54 American ex-pat living in Canada.  Which anthem plays if he wins the race?
5 6 Jeremy Drowne 2:10:34 Speed and technique on the steep downhills keeps improving... just not enough
6 12 Austin Huneck 2:12:37 Two-time champ comes to financial terms this morning on event appearance fee
7 5 Gus Harquail 2:15:07 A little distracted by the number of friendly teenage girls in the field
8 10 Jason Metakis 2:15:23 Spring training in Central Park, up skyscraper stairwells, and on Mount Ranier
9 73 Kurt Schuler 2:16:18 Has finished Patch Sprint in 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
10 4 Brian Beyerbach 2:21:43 3rd Place:  2018 Prospect Mountain Road Race
11 7 Adam Chrzan 2:22:21 Is there anyone else in the race that has four successive consonants in their name?
12 9 Kyle Smith 2:24:25 A winter free from running has actually strenghtened his formally tired legs
13 96 Alex Fragomeni 2:28:00 Teenage individual sport prodigy:  running, skiing, biathlon, rowing, etc.
14 13 Jacob Gittler 2:36:01 Starts with hard 37-mile warm-up, costs him a spot in the Top-10
15 8 Edward Gravelle 2:39:27 Finishes.  Not challenged enough.  Runs Burlington marathon the next day!
16 95 Bryce Beyerbach 2:40:33 Makes an early wrong turn, his brother laughs, and continues on without telling him
17 11 Bill Hoffman 2:42:45 Commiserates with dogs on top about how easy in is to run barefoot over sharp rocks
18 71 Jon Schreiner 2:47:02 His mother, father and brother are all part of the Three-Hour Club
19 109 Mike Davis 2:40:17 Knee injury; says he's taking it easy but he's just not wired that way
20 19 Mike Taptick 2:44:57 Must answer to critics acusing him of purposely going at 8:00 for the cooloer, faster times
21 17 Cody York 2:48:09 Improves last years time by 3 minutes, result of all bacon diet
22 77 Chris Brakey 2:49:26 Naval Academy has him more comfortable on water these days
23 15 Tim Huneck 2:50:51 The battle to capture the 50 and older age group has never been more heated
24 16 Erik Schreiner 2:51:11 Sheridan may regulalry mix he and his brother up, but one thing's for sure:  Both are fast!
25 21 Andrew Gonzalez 2:54:29 Determined to sweat out his post-grad party bender, he surprises some, including himself
26 65 Tom Reinckens 2:56:39 Loves taking pictures to post on Strava, while giving kudos to other runners
27 23 Chris Lafty 3:00:06 Name Anagram:  "Shaft Lyric" ("Damn right!")
28 74 Jon Mullholland 3:03:32 Mistakenly runs Pond Sprint Course; special award given
29 24 Derek Payne 3:03:46 What can you say about Derek Payne that hasn't already been said?
30 100 Tom Brownell 3:04:22 Does most training and racing on a bike, so legs should be plenty fresh for the Patch
31 22 Zach Floss 3:05:41 Gets lost trying to ascend the chimney and spends night out on a cliff
101 McCormick Sinclair 3:05:41 Mac Attack in the Daks runs with Zach, works for Jack, finishes in middle of the Pack
33 27 Jerry Ross 3:06:07 Impressive what a 67-year old can do when you train and eat well!
34 75 Michael Brakey 3:06:29 Finishes is less time than if took Trump to write race day tweets
35 66 Luke Franklin 3:08:16 Now that the Cubs curse is over, his competitive bone has been softened. Still beats DeGroat
36 26 John Rayburn 3:10:25 Winnipeg's playoff run really stifled his mental focus this year
37 68 Brian DeGroat 3:12:56 Good news:  Now has more time to train.  Bad news:  No elevation training
38 84 Jim Turosak 3:14:08 Seasoned ultramarathoner taken aback by difficulty of course, despite it's "short" distance
39 97 Michael Burgess 3:14:08 Must usually race under n alias 'cuz Sheridan can find nothing on him
40 30 Jason Fiegl 3:24:12 Unlike politicians, really means it claiming to slow down to spend more time with his family
41 31 Jameson Fiegl 3:24:12 Race is merely a warmup run for a grueling soccer tournament later in the day in Vermont
42 86 David Campbell 3:32:19 Veteran Marathoner and Triathlete trying his first endurance mounatin race
43 82 Mike Dorr 3:38:28 Longest layoff amongst current Patch Sprinters-- last raced in 2008
44 36 Chad Canning 3:44:01 Lyon Mt. repeats since 2016 makes the day feel a little easier
37 Colden Mitchell 3:44:01 Past event racers include:  Colden, Marcy, Marshall, Armstrong, Wright, Blake, Allen
46 80 Dale Wells 3:47:51 Caesar salad at EthelŐs causes e-coli poisoning, which hurts time
47 42 Greg Pizzurro 3:53:40 Island Greg or Racer Greg? You never know who you're going to get
48 93 Christopher Myers 3:58:54 Give or take 93 minutes
49 49 Luke Moffett 4:01:15 Now a seasoned track athlete- he could be up to 30 minutes quicker than projected
50 48 Tom Moffett 4:06:35 Slower than usual due to drag from his new Fabio hairstyle
51 70 Peter Minde 4:12:44 Former trekker racing this year ad shaves an hour off of his PR
52 46 Sean Green 4:15:06 Mr. Green certainly didn't lay off the green stuff this year
53 52 Rob Wray 5:06:44 Where there's a will, there's a Wray
67 John McDonald DNF Stops for interview for Pok-O-Mac director job, accepts and drops out of race
Place Race # WOMEN'S RACERS Finish Time The Skinny
1 103 Sara Dunham 2:18:03 Even with the longer course, the 12-year old record should fall
2 106 Laura Tuttle 2:20:46 If she can hang with Dunham to the base of Pok-O, she will take the division
3 18 Annie Preston 2:47:22 An impressive showing at the Chuckanut 50K this March has Preston heading for a PR
4 78 Alexandra Disney 2:52:11 Shouldn't have eaten so much Dal Bhat the night before
5 14 Deborah Nordyke 2:59:09 Finds shoe she had lost in swamp 7 years ago; three shoes up Pok-O helps her time
6 102 Shannon Drowne 3:07:40 Struggles with concept of walking, so her early sprint up Bare saps her energy late
7 76 Jolie Brakey 3:08:14 Feels good the whole way. Gets lost descending Pok-O on her way to the post-race party
8 28 Mindy Burkhardt 3:16:21 Name Anagram:  "Rabid Drunk Myth"
9 34 Katrin Schreiner 3:17:12 Big improvement and a PR for a future champion in the race
10 38 Katie Moffett 3:19:47 Back from knee injury for improved finish time; stays dry by staying clear of swamp
11 91 Marie McMahon 3:21:32 Licensed Massage therapist:  Come see her after the race!
12 90 Abbi Crahan 3:29:19 Competes hard, bonks even harder. Vows to never again stray from the basketball court
13 29 Pam Gonzalez 3:29:56 Oh so close to a new PR.  Tied for 2nd place in list of most female PS finishes
14 33 Elizabeth Lawliss 3:30:02 So good at geometry, calculates quicker angle to Poko Summit, Personal Best!
15 32 Norwood Styles 3:37:19 Back from triumphant tour of Skandinavia where she did more wine tasting than training
16 44 Tate Aronstein 3:38:09 Does collegiate rowing translate to Patch success? It will certainly help on cliffs of Pok-O
17 41 Kayla Beltran 3:40:12 Decides a bottle of beer sounds good while passing camp. Still turns in respectable time
18 104 Sydney Rubin 3:41:01 Consistent from the start. Impressive PS debut for Syd the Kid
105 Talia August 3:41:01 One of seven members of the 2017 CIT section; four of them are 46ers
21 47 Cara Gentry 3:48:25 Enjoys the day and looks for all animals along the course to accurately update Strava
22 35 Stephanie Lylis 3:53:11 Feels great on Bare; good on Snake; Fair on Loaf; Like shit on Pok-O
23 108 Alli Crahan 3:53:26 2028 Women's Champion
24 94 Lisa Winters 3:55:28 Still seething over the fact that Prince Harry married someone else
25 39 Katie Green 3:56:30 Wins the War of the Greens
26 43 Sarah Green 3:59:06 Twists her knee ascending Pok-O, falls just short of the Green family title
27 110 Bridget Whyte 3:59:39 Name Anagram:  "Get hit by Drew"
28 111 Megan Marulli 4:00:37 So impressed with Bare spot, she climbs up there again on the way to Sugarloaf
29 50 Miriam Hancock 4:02:16 Name Anagram:  "Rock Him Maniac"
30 92 Piper Turosak 4:07:44 The new Patty McCormick:  Seems to be laid back but has a fierce competitive fire burining
31 69 Jaida Coleman 4:11:07 Listens to Party in the USA the entire way. Has a great day in the woods
32 54 Olivia Politi 4:29:23 Carries an umbrella the entire way, which costs her nearly two hours in time
89 Sophie Hill DNF Attempts to swim to Sugarloaf but ends up detouring to trampoline to just hang out
20 Rosanne Van Dorn DNS Accidently inputs "Wellsboro" in her map app; ends up in Pennsylvania
81 Kathleen Wiley DNS Goes camping Friday with friends and gets bitten by 341 ticks
107 Ruby Gibson DNS Finds out that her phone doesn't get reception, blows off race and goes into town
Place (Net) Race # CLYDESDALE Finish Time The Fat  (total time - pounds exceeding 200 = Net Time)
1 2 Liam Davis 2:00:54 Just when victory seemed to be in site, along comes Ryan
2 51 Josh Bornt 4:47:19 Runs in kilt and no shirt and has one of his better days on the course
3 88 John Hancock 5:52:31 Technically, Hancock was our nation's first president, 13 years before Washington
109 Ken Herz DNS Clydesdale weigh-in number concerns local Doctors- advised not to run
Place Race # HALF-SPRINT Finish Time The Skinny
1 137 Max Hoffman 0:43:02 Five-minute miler.  If he can do that for 13 miles/4 mountains he could win race easily
2 136 Liam Hoffman 0:47:32 Has been competing in Triathlons since he was eight years old
3 131 Mike Daley 0:50:08 Once wrote essay on breaking two hours on the course.  This year he will break one hour!
4 132 Sami Daley 0:51:19 3 former ladies champs are racing this year, though it's been 7 years since any of them won
5 40 Laura Potel 1:07:12 Reconsidered running the full sprint.  May still reconsider doing the half!
6 72 Pam Cataldi 1:11:11 Drinks too much with Sheila the night before. Downgraded to Half-Sprint
7 139 Sue Gadway 1:18:12 Runs her personal best up Rattlesnake to get to the party behind Sugarloaf faster
8 134 Mike Horwich 1:19:03 16 years since his first Patch Sprint- only 4 others have been around longer
9 135 Hilary Moss 1:19:03 Hawaii volcano has her in fear that Bare will blow at any moment
10 63 Charlotte Bush 1:24:17 Bad recent virus forces shift to half sprint, but feels no lingering effects on race day
11 140 Annemarie Papazoglou 1:30:40 Proper pronunciation:  "Papazoglou"
12 138 Lisa Lang 1:40:22 Enjoys hike so much she sits on Rattlesnake all afternoon, taking in the view and the aura
60 Stephanie Konowitz DNS No show: later claims she overslept, had a dentist appointment, and the dog ate her homework
133 Phil Corell DQ Flagrantly flouts event rules by taking illegal short cut near the Homestead
Place Race # RELAY Finish Time The Skinny
1 Team Torminator 5:04:19 Tor claims that if he had run alone, the team would have been six minutes faster
Blue Boar Hell Hockey DNF Only Gregson shows up; drops out at the Bare trailhead
Place Race # TREKKER Finish Time The Skinny
*** TREKKERS do not compete for placing
- 55 Tom Lynch 3:42:50 Exactly one hour off of his PR, set in 2003
- 25 Tim Singer 3:43:48 Precisely 60 minutes slower than his PR, set 15 years ago
- 83 Kathy Mullholland 3:50:09 12 minutes in - steep part on Bare - she wonders what all the fuss is about
- 91 Karen Foster 3:58:21 Good runner chooses trekker division "so I don;t feel pressured to have to go fast!"
- 45 Tom Preston 4:03:55 For every 24,000 steps he does, Target donates a meal to a malnourished child. Hope he gets lost!
- 99 Natalie Wylie 4:27:50 Kindergarten teacher slows down to help slower Kinder-Sprinters up Pok-O
- 61 Peter Joelson 4:38:39 So tired thinks he sees Julianna Margulies dressed in redÉ.inspires a 5 minute improvement
- 98 Joanne Scott 5:01:43 Doesn't eat anything at the aid stations, falls in the swamp, never seen again
- 53 Sierra Moscato 5:11:27 Delivers slop to Homestead Pigs, loses 30 minutes
- 56 Nora Wootten 5:40:12 Scared of Malfoy, tries to apparate to Poko Summit, ends up at Rattlensake
- 85 Matt Wooten 5:40:12 Thinks he sees a bear behind Sugarloaf but it turns out to be just another lost or injured racer
- 87 Padma Campbell 5:57:28 Rookie mistake:  Wearing the heavy cotton event T-shirt on a humid day
- 57 David Joelson 6:02:44 Spends 45 minutes atop Rattlesnake trying to get any breaking political news he can find
- 58 Tom Nold 6:02:44 Next year he'll go with running sneakers instead of hiking boots
- 59 Bob Mason 6:02:44 Finally snaps when the 20th person asks if he's the guy with the raffle tickets
- 79 Charlie Cary 6:02:44 Has not been heard from since 2010.  Will likely next trek again in 2026
- 20 Cole Starkey DNF Sprains ankle on the way up Pok-O; runs all the way back to camp to get help
- 62 Jon Bush DNF Drops out after Rattlesnake; Would have had a Top-15 Half-Sprint time if he chose that division.
Place Race # KINDER SPRINT Finish Time The Skinny
1 151 Ethan Daley 28:14 The course record (23 minutes) will never fall with the new lengthened trail
2 147 Sam Wootten 29:28 Fails to three-peat but manages to go down Pok-O in an impressive 14 minutes
3 148 Ronan Young 31:13 Finds snowpile in a hidden cave; throws snowballs at everyone who passes by
4 160 Owen Tarala 37:32 Could be faster, but things seemed a little "Fuzzy" on the course
5 159 Olivia Drowne 39:54 Helps guide Ada up the trail, then ditches her in the final 100 yards
6 156 Ada Burgess 40:03 Vows to sing "100 bottles of beer on the wall" to pass time.  Quits at 91.
7 152 Cate Daley 46:39 Patch History:  Cate, Kate, Cat, Katie, Katherine, Catherine
153 Brooke Taptick 46:39 Don't forget the Team Cookie Yard Sale, June 1-2, Peru, NY
9 158 Sophie Chromczak 48:28 Coolest name in this year's racing and trekking field
10 149 Addie Young 50:52 "Addie be Young again"
11 155 Eleanor Russo 51:00 Turns supplemental oxygen up to six liters.  It runs out and she seriously bonks
12 154 Hailey Taptick 1:07:22 Will try full course in 2019 in an attempt to be the youngest-ever Patch Sprinter (7)
13 150 Josie Moffett 1:09:14 Tells her mom she "leans republican"; ends up climbing unchaperoned
14 157 Eddie Chromczak DNF Ditches chaperone, decides to climb Haystack and Basin instead of Poko
Above list based on entrants and projected entrants through May 24
Race number, subject to change, based on most recent placing