Pre- Weekend
Time Job Description Volunteers
May Purchase Aid Station & other Food Sam's Club or some discount shop.  Shannon Shofner; Volunteers tba
Wed. 5/23 Mark & Cache arrows & water BEAST
Jan-May Event Prep lots Skip
FRIDAY, May 25
Time Job Description Volunteers
Wednesday & Friday Course Marking: Whatever is still needed (Arrows up & Down Bare… Whites Road; Sugarloaf; Road to Feigalley… Long Pond Cabins,… Rattlesnake… Homestead, History Trail & Beaver Road) Rayburn, Smith, Taptick, Fiegls, T Moffett, L. Davis, M. Davis, Starkey
Afternoon Cabin Set-up; Place signs A quick sweep of all of the participating cabins and baths; address needs. Put up signs as directed by Singer Gittler, A Preston, P Joelson
1:00 PM Pre-Registration:  Packet Prep Meet in Dining Hall Turosaks, Aronsteins, H. Chalnick, other avails
1:00 PM Expo & Event Setup Posters, tables, Bulletin board Singer, KT Mo, Lylis, Gadway
3:00 PM Aid Station Prep.  Fill/mix beverages; Separating food and beverage into three different stations; secure garbage bags, etc. Mason, Bell, Marque
5-7 pm Registration / Packet Pickup:  Shift #1 (5:00) Participant check-in, payment, T-shirt distribution, donation collection; 50/50 raffle sales Amy, Piper, Spencer (Tate backup)
7-9 pm Registration / Packet Pickup:  Shift #2 (7:00) Participant check-in, payment, T-shirt distribution, donation collection; 50/50 raffle sales Amy & Spencer
5:30 PM Table Set-up & Kitchen Prep Set Tables, Assist prep as directed by cook Killingsworths, A. Wilson, any other availables
6:30 PM Meal Help Assist cook; man the counter; preliminary dish & pot washing, Prep Saturday dishes Wootens, Greenman, T Preston, D. Joelson
7:30 PM Meal Cleanup & Dishes Dishes; Pots; Kitchen clean-up; Sat. Breakfast prep, Prep Saturday dishes Bornt, Potel, Coleman, Rubin, August
7:30 PM Timer Meeting in Robinson Hall Singer, Lounsbury & All Timers
8:00 PM VOLUNTEER MEETING Review Saturday schedule Spencer Aronstein, ALL VOLUNTEERS
All weekend Take Photographs Divide and Conquer:  Starts, Aid Stations, Trailheads; Finish; Meals & Awards M. Gonzalez, Herz, anyone who wants
Saturday, May 26
Time Job Description Volunteers
7:00 - 9:30 Packet Pickup and Late Registration (7-9:30) Responsibilities same as Friday night.  Initially work out of Robinson Hall; move some/all packets to race start as directed by Aronstein Amy Turosak (all day); Spencer & Willow (7-8:30am)
6:30 AM Continental Breakfast Setup  (6:30 am) Set food out.  Other meal supervisory chores as directed by Shannon Shofner. Brakeys & Chromczaks
8:45 AM Continental Breakfast Cleanup (9:00 am) Help put food away and clean area, as directed by Shofners. Shofners
7:15-10:00 Race Starters Read rules & Policies; Start particpants. Spencer brings #'s/shirts of people who did not check-in at camp Edwards (Pillars); W. Herz (Pok-O)
7:15 AM Front Course Sweep Lead runner. Look for fallen/turned arrows & signs, check in with land owners Tim Singer, Tom Lynch
7:30-9:20 Bare Summit Timers (on top by 7:30) After, please divide down separate trails & collect arrows/stands and return them, along with clipboard and watch, to stage.  Harrison bring time sheets directly to Karen. Wilson-Machado head to Pok-O Wilson, Machado & Chalnick
8:15-10:15 Ratlesnake Timer (on top by 8:15)  Take pics too!  After, please collect arrows/stands (all the way to Homestead) and return them, along with clipboard and watch, to stage.  Deliver time sheets directly to Karen. Maher & Pusick
9:15-11:30 Sugarloaf Summit Timers
 (on top by 9:15)
After, please collect arrows/stands and return them, along with clipboard and watch, to stage.  Deliver time sheets directly to Karen. Young & Richards
10:00-1:00 Pok-O Summit Timers
Spencer on top by 10:00 with w/ clipboard & medals.  Moscato, others up ASAP with 1st Aid, & extra Water.  Aronstein, Moscato + support as it becomes available
11:15-2:30 Pok-O Summit Stewards Give out medallions; Usher people off Mt. Singer, Lynch, 
before 4:30 Frame Kinder Photos Frames & Paper will be provided.  Please use Pok-O Queen printer.   Marianne
4:00-5:30 Results & Awards Tabulate division and overall results Dr. K. Lounsbury
All Day Raffle Ticket Sales 50-50, Running shoes, other prizes Mason & Assistants
8:00-10:30 Homestead Aid Station  Sarah to take Van to Pok-O after Sarah Disney, Kate Young, Melanie Herz (8-9), Machado helps with cleanup
pre 8:30am Sugarloaf Aid Stations Whites Rd. & Behind Loaf. Mason setup - Stations are not manned
9:30-12:30 Pok-O Aid Station Moscato drives camp van to deliver food, drink and garbage cans to base; Crew set-up… clean up.  Van used by Steph for shuttle after 12:30. Mason brings supplies & helps set-up.  Manned by:   Bob & Nancy Andrews, Thilo & Barb Hancock, Melanie Herz
8:15-10:30 Reber Road Steward Carry "Runners on Road" sign, stationed at blind hill near Homestead entrance.  Be mindful of motor traffic and racers. Jenny Killingsworth
9:30-11:00 Pillars Attendant / Bike Patrol Check-off "Dropout" racers/trekkers at Pillars; Periodic cruise on bike to Homestead, Sugarloaf trail to police/help runners Harrison Chalnick
Saturday (Continued)    
8:30-10:20 Route 22 (Rattlesnake trailhead) Steward Carry "Runners on Road" sign, stationed at LP Cabins, across Rd. from trailhead.  Be mindful of motor traffic and racers/trekkers. John McDonald
10:00-12:00 Route 9 (Near base of Pok-O) Road Steward Please assist in directing racers to immediately cross to west side & point toward aid station Augusta, Willow
12:00-1:30 Ranger Cabin Attendant Direct descending hikers down Ranger Trail  
12:30-2:30 Shuttle Drivers Coordinate on your own.  Disney, Steph Konowitz, (Greens- backup)
Top of Poko by 10:15 Event Sherpas Carrying Event gear (water, medallions, first aid, etc.) to summit… On top by 10:15am.  Aronstein, Moscato, Mauricio, any guests heading up Pok-O
  Personal Sherpas If available and willing, Carry racer's personal items to the top.  Not a lot needed since there is no loitering on top. *** You must hire your own sherpa
1:30 Sweep Pok-O Summit & Trails Pickup garbage/items left/dropped; signs; stragglers Singer & Lynch (North trail);  Gittler, A. Preston (South Trail)
3:30 Collect Aid Stations   Mason, Bell
3:30 PM Saturday Set-up & Kitchen Prep  Set Tables, Prepare side dishes; Assist as directed by cook.  May be outside (tbd) Andrews-Gonzalez, Daleys, Gentry, Richards
4:30-6:30 Meal Help Take shifts:  Assist cook; man the counter; preliminary dish & pot washing Bush-Hancock-Campbell
6:00-7:00 Meal Cleanup & Dishes Dishes; Pots; Kitchen clean-up Lynch & Mary, Kurt & Alexandra, M. Corell
7:00-7:30 Dining Hall or Field Cleanup Dining Hall chairs and tables.  Sweep. Pizzuro, Chalnick, Greens
8:30 PM ADK Foundation Check Get total from Skip Piper
Sunday, May 27
Time Job Description Volunteers
Morning WOW Work Projects Helping Out Pok-O-MacCready Hosts Any interested participants welcome (19 have signed up)
Morning "Sweep" Course remove stray arrows & signs, litter Skip, Squeak, Moscato, Bornt
Morning Pack Away Event Gear to be brought to Willsboro Pt, Pond Sprint Box Mason, Gittler, Wilson
Morning Photo File Transfers Collect all photos and give to Skip Mauricio & Squeak
Monday Reults & Finances Input reports on to computer Singer, Turosak