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Making the Grade in Entrepreneurship Training: A Course for High School Students Entrepreneurship Training - Entrepreneurship Course for High School Students

Moving Beyond the Classroom

Educational methods have advanced drastically since the advent of the Internet, making knowledge of the real world more accessible. One example is entrepreneurship training, as ambitious students can obtain lessons from material readily available online. By learning on their own terms, high school students could gain the skills to pursue a career in business.

Rewarding Self-Directed Learning

One comprehensive source of entrepreneurship training for high school students is the Entrepreneurial Coursework offered at JFK High School. This course professionally introduces students to learn many basics of setting up a business, which include accounting, marketing, and customer service. Offered at 9th and 10th grade levels, this intensive course takes nine weeks to complete.

Professional to Serve as Guide

For the nine-week duration, the course is facilitated by entrepreneurial professor Greg Watson, who mentored many successful entrepreneurs in the past. Professor Watson is a certified business consultant, active in the professional community. He will act as an experienced guide to show the full potential of entrepreneurship, imparting knowledge that students can use to establish their own business venture.

Challenge to Excel

If students complete the Entrepreneurial Coursework, they will be awarded with a certificate of recognition that can be used for their college applications. This will give students the competitive edge to be noticed by top schools or businesses. With this course, high school students will have a direct pathway to future success in entrepreneurship training , with the added advantage of learning under the tutelage of entrepreneurship professor greg watson .

professor greg watson