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The Third Angel's Message, 1897
by Alonzo Trevier Jones


Get the PDF Text File Here

Narrated by Raymond Joseph

Encoded by Raymond Joseph
Note: These files are not to be sold for profit.

“I have been instructed to use those discourses of yours printed in the General Conference Bulletins of 1893 and 1897, which contain strong arguments regarding the validity of the Testimonies, and which substantiate the gift of prophecy among us. I was shown that many would be helped by these articles, and especially those newly come to the faith who have not been made acquainted with our history as a people. It will be a blessing to you to read again these arguments, which were of the Holy Spirit’s framing.”

Manuscript Releases, Vol. 9, p. 278.

00 - Introduction

01 - The Spirit of Prophecy 1

02 - The Spirit of Prophecy 2

03 - The Science of Salvation 1

04 - The Science of Salvation 2

05 - The First Great Commandment

06 - Missionaries for God

07 - Egypt and Israel

08 - Spiritual Egypt

09 - The Apostasy of Israel 1

10 - The Apostasy of Israel 2

11 - Out of Babylon and Egypt


Download all the chapters in a zip file here.

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