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The Place of the Bible in Education

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The Place of the Bible in Education, by Alonzo T. Jones

(Audio Total Run Time: 7:10:00) 128kbps, 44,100Hz, Stereo.

Christian education has all but disappeared from the majority of educational systems around the world. As governments limit or banish God from among our schools in the name of "separation of church and state, " we find the very foundation upon which many schools began disintegrating before our eyes. This is not a new problem. Over the centuries people have had the same concern of what is true education and the place of religion in the educational system. Among these were the newly devoted Christians arising from the Great Advent movement sweeping North America during the 18th and 19th century. Author Alonzo T. Jones, an important figure in Great Advent movement, felt that Christians should take a solid look at the educational systems of that day. Jones believed that true Christian education was the only becoming choice to Christians. In The Place of the Bible in Education, he outlines according to the Bible what exactly Christian education looks like. He also explores the true meaning of the separation between church and state and how Christian education does not fall under such discrimination. In this book, he discusses how secular education falls short of even the true meaning of education and how this has an adverse affect on our young people. Jones shows how there is a Biblical precedent for true education and how the Bible should and can become part of the educational system.

Chapter 1:  Christian Education                               Listen to Audio Here!!
Chapter 2:   The World's Education
Chapter 3:  The Essentials of Knowledge
Chapter 4:  The Secret of the Great Apostasy
Chapter 5:  The Greek of "Scientific Method" Today
Chapter 6:  The Separation of Christianity and the State
Chapter 7:  The Bible's Right to Supreme Place in Christian Education
Chapter 8:  The Education of Daniel
Chapter 9:  What was Taught in the Schools of the Prophets?
Chapter 10: The Study of Wisdom
Chapter 11: The Study of Knowledge
Chapter 12: The Study of Science
Chapter 13: The Study of Mental Science
Chapter 14: The Study of Moral Science
Chapter 15: The Study of Physical Science
Chapter 16: The Study of Physical Science - Anatomy
Chapter 17: The Study of Physical Science - Healing       Listen to Audio Here!!
Chapter 18: The Study of Physical Science - Physical Culture
Chapter 19: The Study of Physical Science - Continued
Chapter 20: Literature, History, Law, Logic
Chapter 21: The Failures of Popular Education

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