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The Papacy, A Demonstration, mp3 Audio Book

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(Audio, Total Run Time: 03:47:20)

NEW!! The Papacy, A Demonstration, by J. A. Wylie

The same line of proof which establishes that Christ is the promised Messiah, conversely applied, establishes that the Roman system is the predicted Apostasy. In the life of Christ we behold the converse of what the Antichrist must be and in the prophecy of the Antichrist we are shown the converse of what Christ must be, and was. And when we place the Papacy between the two and compare it with each, we find, on the one hand, that it is the perfect converse of Christ as seen in His life and, on the other, that it is the perfect image of the Antichrist as shown in the prophecy of Him. We conclude, therefore, that if Jesus of Nazareth be the Christ, the Roman Papacy is the Antichrist. This book contains the classic teaching of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Antichrist (an integral part of that Reformation, we might add-as all the Reformed creeds and confessions attest). The easy reading format and style make this book an ideal introduction to this topic.


Chapter 1.
The term “Antichrist  Listen to this Chapter Free!!!
Chapter 2.
Antichrist portrayed before his birth
Chapter 3.
Antichrist an enemy under a mask
Chapter 4.
Antichrist no Atheist or Communist
Chapter 5.
The Two Mysteries of the Bible
Chapter 6.
Unfolding of the Two Mysteries
Chapter 7.
The Pastor becomes a Monarch –Ten Centuries of climbing
Chapter 8.
The All-Power of Christ and of Antichrist
Chapter 9.
The King with the Three Crowns –The Vicar
Chapter 10.
Signs and wonders of Christ and of Antichrist
Chapter 11.
Antichrist’s “Signs and Wonders” of Terror
Chapter 12.
The All-deceivableness of Un-righteousness
Chapter 13.
The Culmination of the Parallelism –an Enthronization
Chapter 14.
Antichrist’s usurpation over Kings and Nations
Chapter 15.
Antichrist exalts himself above God
Chapter 16.
Man of Sin and Son of Perdition
Chapter 17.
Antichrist –his Doom
Chapter 18.
Does not the Likeness Fit?
Appendix: Liberty of Conscience Threatened

Free Chapter not Included in Download: God's Law Immutable


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