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Footprints of Faith
David Paulson

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Narrated by
Raymond Joseph
Encoded by

Note: These files are not to be sold for profit.

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Chapter 1 - A Pony and a Dying Promise
Chapter 2 - An Overruling Providence
Chapter 3 - Turning Toward Chicago
Chapter 4 - Results of Faith Applied to Hopeless Cases
Chapter 5 - A Time of Testing and Other Experiences
Chapter 6 - The Story of Hinsdale
Chapter 7 - Keeping Time with God's Clocks
Chapter 8 - Founding a Home for the Fatherless
Chapter 9 - Trusted a Bank That Never Fails
Chapter 10 - Prosperity and Revivals
Chapter 11 - The Anchor That Held Through Deep Trouble
Chapter 12 - Sparks from a Live Wire

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