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The Autobiography of Elder Joseph Bates

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The Autobiography of Elder Joseph Bates

Joseph Bates was born in 1792 in Rochester, Massachusetts. At the age of fifteen, he accepted a job as a cabin boy aboard the Fanny, sailing from New York City to London. Thus began his career on the high seas, which culminated in Joseph becoming a respected ship captain.

During one of his trips, Joseph read the Bible his wife had packed in his trunk and was converted. Thus set in motion his most important questódeveloping a deeper understanding of Scripture and a deeper love for his Lord and Savior.

In 1839 Bates accepted the teachings of William Miller. Then, months after the Great Disappointment, in the spring of 1845, Joseph accepted the seventh-day Sabbath truth. Consequently, he shared this good news with James and Ellen White, which resulted in his second career as a speaker, writer, and founding pioneer of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, which was formed in 1863.

The Autobiography of Elder Joseph Bates provides an in-depth look into his childhood, his adventures traversing the ocean, his conversion and the reform movements he supported, and his study of Scripture and the biblical truths he discovered.

PREFACE  Click Here to Listen to this Chapter Free!

Chapter 1  Click Here to Listen to this Chapter Free!
Parentage - Birth - Residence - First Foreign Voyage - Hurlgate - London Water for Sailors - Mr. Loyd's Story - Mr. Moore and his Book - Sea Journal - Overboard - Shark

Chapter 2
Shipwrecked in the Ice - An attempt to Throw the Captain Overboard - Deliverance - Arrive in Ireland - Pursuing our Voyage - British Convoy - Part our Cable - Taken by Privateers - Nature of an Oath, and the Box - Ship Condemned - Voyage up the Baltic - Arrive in Ireland - Pressed into the British Service

Chapter 3
Attempt to Escape - Flogging - Ship St. Salvadore - Attempt to Swim Away - Rodney 74 - Spanish War Ship - A Levanter - Image Worship - Another Attempt for Freedom - Battle - Storm - Shipwreck - Blockading Squadron - Church Service on Board a King's Ship - Port Mahon - Subterranean Passage - Holy-Stone - Wash Days - Threatened Punishment - Storm - New Station

Chapter 4
Impressing American Seamen - Documents of Citizenship - War - Voluntary Surrender as Prisoners of War - Preparation for a Battle - Unjust Treatment - Close Confinement - Relieved - British Fleet Out-generalded - Prisoners sent to England - London Newspaper - Another Movement - Without Bread

Chapter 5
Cutting a Hole through the Ship - Perilous Adventure of a Narragansett Indian - Hole Finished - Eighteen Prisoners Escape - Singular Device to Keep the Number Good - Drowning Man Saved - Night Signals for Relief - Another Hole Cut and Discovered - Letter from the Escaped Prisoners - U.S. Government Clothe their Prisoners - Prisoners Sent to Dartmoor - Cheering News of Peace

Chapter 6
Subterranean Passage - A Traitor - Ratification of Peace - American Consul Hung in Effigy - Bread Withheld for Two Days - Prisoners Demand and Obtain their Bread - Inhuman Massacre of Prisoners - English Soldier Liberated - Court of Inquiry - Arrival of a Cartel - Liberated from Prison - Display of Flags Respecting the Massacre

Chapter 7
Embarkation for the United States - Ocean Larks - Excitement Respecting our Port of Destination - Banks of Newfoundland - Perils of the Ocean - Threatened Mutiny - Islands of Ice - Mutiny on the High Seas - Speak an American Ship - Joyful News - Land in Sight - A Prize Taken - Safe arrival at New London, Ct. - Sail Again for Boston

Chapter 8
Arrival Home - Voyage to Europe - Singular Rock in the Ocean - Sudden Commencement of Winter - Voyage Ended - Another Voyage - Perilous Situation in the Chesapeake Bay - Criterion in Distress - Wrecked in a Snow Storm - Visit to Baltimore - On Board the Criterion Again - Cargo Saved - Another Voyage - Hurricane - Voyage Ended - Married - Another Voyage - Captain Reefing Topsails in his Sleep

Chapter 9
Allowance of Water - Casting Cargo into the Sea - Allowance of Provisions - Dreadful Storm - Gulf Stream - Dead Clam and Rushing Hurricane - Silent Agony - Wallowing between the Seas - Singular Coincidence in relation to Prayer - More respecting the Gale - Leak Increasing - Supply of Provisions and Water-Council - Bear up for the West Indies - Reported - Safe Arrival in the West Indies

Chapter 10
A Spoiled Child - Passage Home from the West Indies - False Alarm- Arrival Home - Voyage in the Ship New Jersey - Breakers off Bermuda - Dangerous Position in a Violent Storm - Turk's Island - Stacks of Salt - Cargo of Rock Salt - Return to Alexandria, D. C. - Voyage in the Ship Talbot to Liverpool - Storm in the Gulf Stream - Singular Phenomenon on the Banks of Newfoundland - An old Shipmate

Chapter 11
Who the Stranger was - Black List - Salt Shoveling - Peak of Pico - Voyage Ended - Visit my Family - Voyage to South America - Trade Winds - Sea Fish - Rio Janeiro - Desperate Situation - Monte Video - Returning North - Cutting in a Whale - Resolved Never to Drink Ardent Spirits - Arrival in Alexandria - Preparations for another Voyage - Visit my Family - Escape from a Stage - Sail for South America - Singular Fish - Arrival at Rio Janeiro - Sail for River La Plata - Dispose of my Cargo at Buenos Ayres - Catholic Host

Chapter 12
Crossing the Pampas of Buenos Ayres - Preparation for the Pacific Ocean - Resolved never to Drink Wine - Aspect of the Starry Heavens - Alarming Position off Cape Horn - Double the Cape - Island of Juan Fernandez - Mountains of Peru - Arrival at Callao - Voyage to Pisco - Scenery and Climate of Lima - Earthquakes - Destruction of Callao - Ship out of her Element - Cemetery and Disposal of the Dead

Chapter 13
Mint - Stamping Coin - Catholic Churches and Feasts - How to Remember God - Spanish Inquisition - Voyage to Truxillo - Sell the Chatsworth - Mode of Smuggling - Spanish Horses - Indian Method of Smuggling - Deliver up the Chatsworth - Passage to Callao - Trouble with the Captain - Dinner Party

Chapter 14
Money Matters - Highway Robbers - Searching Ships for Specie - A Lieutenant Shot - Sail for Home - Tobacco - Serious Reflections - Pass Cape Horn - Equator - North Star - Violent Gale - A Sudden Change of Wind - Desperate Position - Joyous Sight of Land - Vineyard Sound - Arrival in Boston - At Home - Another Voyage - Off the Cape of Virginia - Outward Bound

Chapter 15
Conviction for Sin - Sickness and Death of a Sailor - Funeral at Sea - Prayer - Covenant with God - A Dream - Arrival at Pernambuco - Its Appearance - Landing a North American Lady - Wine at a Dinner Party - Sell my Cargo - Another Voyage - Religious Views - Whaling - Brazilian Flour - Arrive at St. Catherine's - Also Paraiba - Sell my Cargo - Third Voyage

Chapter 16
Difficulty in Obtaining Cargo - Soul-Refreshing Seasons in the Forest - Effigy of Judas Iscariot - Sail from St. Catharine's - Arrive at Paraiba - Fourth Voyage - Arrive at the Bay of Spirits - Dangerous Position - St. Francisco - Rio Grande - Banks of Sand - A city in Ruins - Jerked Beef - Rio Grande to Paraiba - Kattamaran - Catholic Procession and Burial - Sail for New York - Arrival Home - Family Prayer - Religious Revival - Experience

Chapter 17
Revival of Religion - Baptism - Join the Church - Temperance Society - Cold-Water Army - Another Voyage - Rules for the Voyage - Temperance Voyage - Altar of Prayer on Ship Board - Semi-weekly Paper at Sea - Sunday Worship - Arrival in South America - Paraiba - Bahia - Privateer - St. Catherine's

Chapter 18
Overhauled by a Buenos-Ayres Privateer or Pirate - Seven hours' Detention - Plunder - Passengers made Prisoners - Search for Money - Doubloons Boiling with Salt Beef - Crew and Passengers Released - Season of Prayer - Arrival at Rio Janeiro - Bethel Meeting - Rio Grande - Dangers of the Coast - Concerning Fresh Water - Religious Views - Vessel Lost - Letter - Sail, and Arrive at St. Catherine's - Sail for New York - Singular Phenomenon

Chapter 19
Revival at Sea - Arrive in New York - Bethel Ships and Meetings - Friendless Young Men - Arrival in New Bedford - Temperance Reform - Voyage Ended

Chapter 20
At Home - Religion - Temperance - Farming - My Promise - Seaman's Friend Society - Missions - American Tract Society - American Colonization Society - Meeting-house - Religious Revival - Its Effects - Tea and Coffee - Change of Residence - Progress of the Temperance Cause - Progress of the Antislavery Cause - My own Position - Mob in Boston, Mass. - Falling Stars

Chapter 21
Moral Reform - Raising Trees - Culture of Silk - Second Advent of Christ - William Miller's Theory - His lectures in Boston - First Second-Advent Paper - Eld. D. Millard's Letter - Eld. L.D. Fleming's Letter - H. Hawley's Letter - From the Maine Wesleyan Journal

Chapter 22
First Call for a Conference to Discuss the Subject of the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ - Convened in Boston, Mass. - Conference Address sent forth to the World - Diving Bell - Gathering Stones from the Bottom of the Sea - First Second-Advent Conference - Wm. Miller's Lectures in Fairhaven, Mass. - Also in New Bedford - Address to Ministers - Ministers' Meeting - Antiochus Epiphanes - Thirty-two Square Rods for Every Person - Second Second-Advent Conference

Chapter 23
Fall of the Ottoman Empire in August, 1840 - Passing of the Second Woe - Quickly - Space of time to proclaim the First Angel's Message, Rev.xiv,6,7 - Conferences - Trials on leaving the Church - Moral Reform Societies - Boston Conference in 1842 - 1843 Charts - First Camp-Meeting - Camp-Meetings in the Summer and Fall of 1842 - In Littleton, Mass., in August - Taunton, Mass., in September - Salem, Mass., in October - Power and work of the First Angel's Message

Chapter 24
Opposition to the Proclamation of the Second Advent of the Saviour - Mr. Miller's Statement of Facts, from his "Apology and Defense" - The singular Manner in which he was Called out to Proclaim the Advent Doctrine - Signs and Wonders in the Heavens

Chapter 25
The Stated Year for the Coming of the Lord - Sell my Place of Residence - Go with the Message to the Slave States - Meetings on Kent Island - Meetings in Centerville, Eastern Shore of Maryland - Judge Hopper - Advent Meetings on the Eastern Shore of Maryland - Meetings in Centerville - In Chester - Threatened Imprisonment - Feeling among the Slaves - Power of the Lord in the Meeting - Conviction of the People

Chapter 26
The Three Corners - Crowded Meeting - Singing - Universalism - Places for Meeting - Opposition - Dream - Extensive Front Yard - Slaves Ordered to go to the Advent Meeting - Convicted of the Truth - Return Home from Maryland - Visit to some of the Islands of the Sea - First Disappointment in the Second Advent Movement - Waiting for the Vision - Tarrying Time

Chapter 27
Midnight Cry - First Angel's Message - The Ten Virgins - Second Disappointment - Three Angel's Messages - The Sabbath - Progress of the Work - Conclusion



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