Introduction to Geology

GEOL 102 — Winter Quarter 2023

California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Previous GEOL 102 students that are super-stoked to be at the Avila Beach exposure of pillow basalts.

Once you learn how basalt forms, you will have to wonder just how basalt came to be here at Avila Beach (??)

Stay tuned ...

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Topical Webpages

These pages contain supplemental materials I provide that correspond the chapter readings. The materials include:

Generally speaking the Topical Webpages are meant to extend chapter material, and often will take a particular topic and focus on it.

As an example, in the case of earthquake magnitude the Topical Webpage may describe a method for determining magnitude not discussed in the textbook. Or, in the case of metamorphic rocks, discuss an application of metamorphic rocks to an area of geology not discussed in the tectbook. You get the idea.

Here are the Topical Webpage links:

Discussion Meeting Materials

Here you will find the handouts, and possibly other materials, from each week's Discussion Meeting

Week 1 | Minerals

Week 2 | The Essentials of Plate Tectonics

Week 3 | Identification of Igneous Rocks

Week 4 | Identification of Sedimentary Rocks

Week 5 | Cancelled 😒

Week 6 | Metamorphic Rock Identification

Also, review of all your previous work on minerals, igneous rocks, and sedimentary rocks

  • In class activity handout: Identification of Metamorphic Rocks in Hand Sample.
  • Week 7 | Geologic Maps and Structures

  • In class activity handout: Cross sections and geologic history.
  • Week 8 | Earthquakes → Paleoseismic Trench Analysis at Pallett Creek

    Week 9 |

    Week 10 |

    (Optional) Self-guided Field Trips

    Optional self-guided field trip guides will be posted/linked below as they become relevant to our course material. Please read and follow all the instructions on each guide carefully.

    Field Guides

    1. Avila Beach
    2. Montana de Oro State Park

    Poly Canyon Walk

    If we have time, we will meet for a short walk in Poly Canyon instead of a regular meeting. Stay tuned 🙃

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