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Links to assigned reading, as well as a selected set of references (books, articles) at the bottom

Introduction to Applied Geophysics: Exploring the Shallow Subsurface

by Burger, Sheehan, and Jones | Publisher Link | Author's Errata webpage

This is a friendly book - very conversational. However within the "conversational" reading there are lots of little nuggets, so do the reading deliberately.

You can also download ZIP files of the figures in each chapter.

Looking Into The Earth

Geophysics for the Mineral Exploration Geoscientist

by Dentith and Mudge | Publisher Link

This is quite a nice book to consider having in the future if you want to work in the near-surface geophysics field - whether or not it's in mineral exploration.

Additional Bibliography

Just because I can't resist. Listed are some more advanced references, interesting articles, etc. Of course, such a list will never be complete.

Telford, W.M., Geldart, L.P., and S.E. Sheriff (1990) Applied Geophysics, 2nd ed.