Schedule of Assignments

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Tuesday 2021-09-21

Please begin reading about electrical resistivity from CH 5 of the book Introduction to Applied Geophysics by Burger, Sheehan, and Jones for class this Friday (9/24). Focus on the difference between resistance and resistivity (i.e. why do we do resistivity surveys instead of resistance surveys) - this is sections 5.1 and 5.2.

Field Data Reports

FDR 3. Due on FRI 11/12.

FDR 2 is due in class on Friday October 15th. Please try to turn in a color hard copy of your report (and keep an electronic version for your records).

FDR 1 is due on Friday October 1st. Please try to turn in a color hard copy of your report (and keep an electronic version for your records).

Written Homework

HW 4. Due Friday 11/19. Solutions to book problems and solution to the imaging depth question.

HW 3. Due Friday 11/12. Solutions

HW 2. Due Friday 10/29.

HW 1. Due Friday 10/15. Solutions.

Course Portfolio

Here is the link to the Course Portfolio assignment page.

Field Book Reviews

Field books collected after every field activity. Returned the next day in the box on top of the tray table outside 180-233.


Please see the course schedule page for dates:

Case Study Presentations

Groups were devised by randomly pairing one geologist and one geotechnical engineer. Each presentation should aim for approximately 12 minutes with a few minutes (or more as needed) for questions. You can make a slide presentation using PowerPoint, Google Docs, or similar. If you want to bring in material from outside the paper to help you illustrate methods, analogous situations, etc., feel free to do so - just make sure you cover the assigned paper in the time allotted.

Each person in the class should read the papers they are not presenting to have a familiarity with them prior to hearing each presentation.

Case study presentation date: Friday December 3rd during our lab meeting. Presentations will be in a random order, or by volunteering.