Physical Models in the Geosciences

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The topic pages1 are your primary resource for course materials aside from your class and activity notes. Reading materials for each topic will be linked on the corresponding topic webpage. Topic webpages will be updated as we go and as needed (clarifications, additional material, fixing of mistakes, etc.).


Matrix operations. CH 3 of the book Differential Equations and Linear Algebra by Edwards & Penney (1st edition, 2001).










1 Topics may vary during each offering of the course. This course uses topics in geosciences to motivate a deeper understanding of the physics, and thus mathematical description, of geological processes. These mathematical techniques include introductions to ideas of multi-variable calculus, linear algebra, and ordinary and partial differential equations. Obviously in a one-term course, the ideas from these mathematical topics are selected and limited, but should give you the confidence to pursue any of these topics should you need or want to in your future geoscience work.