Sedimentary & Metamorphic Rocks

In-class lab activity

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In this in-class lab activity we will examine sedimentary and metamorphic rocks and think about how their features (e.g. structures in sedimentary rocks such as graded beds or mineral recrystallization in metamorphic rocks) tell us about the conditions of their formation and geologic history

I will provide you with handouts in class but for reference they are also linked here:

Other handouts: cross bedding | metamorphic facies

What to do before the lab meeting

Please take a look through the sedimentary and metamorphic rocks chapters (5 and 6) from the online book An Introduction to Geology from Salt Lake Community College to remind yourself of how sedimentary and metamorphic rocks are formed and how they are classified.

Check out this simple webpage on sedimentary rocks and one on metamorphic rocks. These just look at some selected topics to jog your memories from you physical geology course.