Mapping a Geologic Contact in Poly Canyon

On-campus field-lab in Poly Canyon

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In this field-lab we will return to Poly Canyon and identify a geologic contact between Toro Formation and Franciscan Melange that is nicely exposed by a landslide. We will then try to identify other locations of this contact so that we can understand how this contact was drawn on a geologic map. In addition we will map our field observations onto a topographic map of the area.


I will provide you with handouts when we meet but for reference here are the files:

Meeting Notes

We will meet at the Poly Canyon Road gate (like we did at our first meeting) at 8:10 a.m.

Bring a pencil/eraser, field notebook for sketches and notes, water/snacks as needed, hat/sunglasses/sunscreen etc.

As always wear pants in the field.