Geologic Maps, Structures, and Cross-sections

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In this in-class lab activity you will use your experience observing geology in the field to work with topographic and geologic maps (including cross-sections). We will also think about how constructing cross-sections helps us understand the history of geologic events.

In-class Lab Activity Handouts

Take-home assignment

The in-class activities will prepare you for this detailed cross-section that you will turn in at our next meeting. You might have time to start it during our meeting depending on how fast we progress.

Part 1: Somewhere, Wyoming Cross Section

Somewhere, Wyoming. For this example you will complete a detailed cross section long the indicated A-A' line. This will be turned in next week. Neatness, detail, use of colored pencils for units, etc., really count.

This map shows a couple of cross-sections that may be useful to study. It's not that these cross-sections are exactly like the ones on the Somewhere, Wyoming map, but rather that they show some general common structures. It will therefore help your visualization skills between a geologic map and a cross section.

Part 2: The Three Cross Section Examples

We began discussing these in our lab meeting. Please finish/re-do these in a neat way. Here is a link to fresh blank copies if you need to print them out: three cross sections.