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Instructor: John J. Jasbinsek | Email me (

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Office hours will be held on Tuesday & Thursday from 12:30 - 2:30 using Zoom. I figure using some of the "scheduled" class time for these will be convenient for most. Office hours are of course optional (there is no required synchronous component to the course) but I recommend you take advantage of them, especially early on when you are getting used to the course.

Use one of the following two equivalent links (you will have to authenticate with your Cal Poly credentials but there is otherwise no password needed):

Textbook ("Connect") Information & Registration

At the book publisher's "Connect" website you can register for this particular course and your particular section number, which will give you access to the eBook for reading. There will be quizzes on the reading for each chapter which will be referred to as "Connect Quizzes", just because that's the name of the website. You might think of them as reading quizzes, but I prefer to use the term "Connect" to emphasize the reading as well as the associated quizzes are done on the "Connect" website.

The website for registration depends on your section number - please take a moment to verify for yourself which section number you are in.

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How This Course Is Run

1. This Website

2. The Course Canvas Website at Cal Poly

3. The Textbook's Connect Website


1 In particular, Canvas does not calculate your course grades. I do this in my own spreadsheet at the end of the quarter by combining a download of your Connect Quiz scores from the "Connect" website, and the Lecture Quiz scores from Canvas.
2 The Connect website does not calculate grades - it simply records your quiz scores until I download them into my own spreadsheet at the end of the quarter.