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SRW, in the Santa Cruz Mountains
SRW in the Santa Cruz Mountains, after his discovery of the 4 Cygni Nebula: 2007 snapshot by Regina


This website is PROUDLY NON-OPTIMIZED for tablets or smartphones. Use a desktop system and sufficiently large screen to read this website, or you will miss out on whatever usefulness and information we shall attempt to present (see this Jottings commentary for a further explanation.)

Note: the Swiss servers providing this website seem to have somewhat variable response, at least as measured by the author here in Ivins, UT. Some days seem better than others; so occasionally only PART of certain longer webpages load, or images are not all delivered. We've found that sometimes pages have to be re-loaded to get all text & elements. - 4/4/19, srw

WARNING TO GPS SCOPE USERS:  Your scope will FAIL to align, because THE GPS SYSTEM HAS A DATE BUG, and in April it "ran out of numbers" due to the mathematical limits in its initial programming. It would only work for 19.7 years because of an inadequate binary number base in its original implementation: TIME's UP!  For further information, read MY article, and Mike Swanson's initial emergency report!

I can NO LONGER RECOMMEND Celestron electronically-aided products to anybody: because the GPS date rollover has been a known issue for DECADES; and yet Celestron continued to ship telescopes with BAD software that did NOT take it into account; and I cannot even find a WORD about this on their corporate website at present! -- added 5/19-27/19.

Master Object Report List

Master List of all our primary logged observations of deep sky and solar system objects, covering our celestial adventures from 2005 to the present time, arranged by catalogue or common name. Also, see the Object Type-Sorted list.

Faint Fuzzies Observing Blog

Our observing blog with reports from summer 2007 right up to the present, plus our project to chronicle every session in 2007-8 (augmented by numerous adventures and reviews concerning astronomical optics and software.) Latest post here.

Main Introduction to "Faint Fuzzies"

Techniques (and some perhaps off-beat secrets) of effective deep sky observing, from a 40+ year veteran amateur astronomer. An adjunct is our article Deep Sky Observing Suggestions, collating pertinent advice and details of our California mountaintop and dark sky observing sites, utilized from 1975 to 2015.

Start of "Faint Fuzzies" Reports

In-depth articles on more than 150 challenging objects the author has viewed -- a majority from merely 15 miles outside the city limits of a giant metropolitan area -- made possibly only by using modern, cutting-edge techniques. Included are references to both other amateur reports, and scholarly professional study.

"Full Moon Essays" Main Menu Page

Anything and everything related to amateur astronomy that occurred to author Waldee, ranging from serious to humorous writings. One of the main portals collating our articles, research, commentaries, and discoveries.

Jottings - Astronomical Essays

Essays by Waldee, touching (for example) on observing techniques, public amateur astronomy, and the web (excellent resources, infuriating forums!) The latest commentary is here, and the latest update addendum to a previous commentary is found here; click above link or screen shot for the Topic Menu.

"The Horsehead Project"

Our multi-year project studying the exact, conclusive history of the discovery and early research of the Horsehead nebula; results of many single and multiple observer visual tests; and references for further perusal. See the earliest photos from the 19th and 20th centuries! And learn the super-efficient visual techniques for seeing the Horsehead by live eye in an amateur scope.

Discovery of the 4 Cygni Nebula

Visual discovery of a likely reflection-type nebula associated with the star 4 Cygni (HD 183056) by Steve Waldee, with 10" scope, in 2007 (likely the only live-eye VISUAL discovery of such an object in over a century); and the 2010 confirmation by our colleague, imager Al Howard; techniques of seeking faint nebulae by eye, and analyzing photos; and the opinions of expert amateur and professional astronomers, who have corroborated and vetted our discovery & study.

Using Nebular Filters for the Deep Sky

From our 1990s research on nebular filters, and thoroughly revised with the latest information, this article has been continuously updated and improved perhaps more than any other on our site, in order to give a comprehensive overview (from basic to esoteric issues) covering these CRUCIAL tools that have enhanced our observing. Included are hundreds of reports of nebulae, and numerous informative web links and images. And, numerous new subjects have been added in 2019.

Beginners Basics, by Steve & Regina

Taken from our free "Eyepiece" program (see below) and greatly expanded, with new recommendations and links: articles to start beginners and families with telescopes and astronomical observing. We discuss techniques and valuable resources (from beginning through intermediate and even advanced levels), including books, sky maps, and software programs for PCs, tablets, or smartphones.


Free "Eyepiece" Calculation Software

'Telescope Simulator': free (but old) computer program (DOS/Windows) we formerly sold -- now adapted to run in Win 10 -- teaching the proper uses of scopes, eyepieces, and filters; large database of deep sky objects and multiple stars included. Program features our proprietary "Image Visibility Calculation" (developed by Steve Waldee and Dr. Jack Marling, founder of Lumicon) related to scope selected for analysis.

"Shortwave Listening Our Way"

Numerous articles about another of the author's hobbies, shortwave radio. Dating primarily from 2000 to 2005, many articles are now obsolete: but we keep them on the web as an example of what was only just recently possible; increasingly after about 2010, the avocation of SWL'ing has become just about dead.



Roper Piano Studio Main Page

For many years, our day job: the Roper Piano Studio, formerly in San Jose, California. Regina Roper (Stephen's wife) describes her musical and pedagogical background and teaching techniques, with a large gallery of snapshots. Though Regina is now semi-retired and has moved from San Jose to Ivins, Utah, we shall keep this site online as it has many useful resources, articles, and references.

About the author

Please note: numerous links that were active when many of these pages were posted between 2005 and even as late as 2012 are, unfortunately, now dead. If they could not be found on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and corrected, the original links have been left in the HTML in case later detective work can find new URLs; a discussion of some of the most important amateur astronomy links and websites that are now defunct may be found here. This website has been composed using, primarly, HTML 4.01 Transitional mode; pages are tested before uploading with the Vivaldi and Opera contemporary browsers; plus an antique Firefox browser version 3.6 (all for Windows) and with Firefox and Opera contemporary browsers for Android to try to insure compatibility of HTML code. 99+% of the webpages do not rely on style sheets or scripts. Date this page was last modified: Monday 10 June 2019 at 11:33 pm.


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