This page host things I occasionally fish from the net. They can potentially be of use for academic, research or artistic purposes.


AudioStellar Data-driven experimental sampler using machine learning
Apotome A generative music environment for microtonal tuning systems
Decibel ScorePlayer iPad application designed to coordinate the reading of scores featuring graphic notation
EmissionControl2 A standalone application for granulation (OSX, Linux, Windows)
Fluid Corpus Manipulation toolkit (SuperColider/Max/Pd) Includes tools for slicing, analysing, transforming and organisng audio using machine learning
Orchidea A framework for static and dynamic computer-assisted orchestration.
InScore An environment for the design of interactive, augmented, dynamic musical scores A network multimedia performance environment
SonoBus High Quality Network Audio Streaming
VDO.Ninja Bring live video from your smartphone, remote computer, or friends directly into OBS or other studio software
Wekinator Machine Learning to build new musical instruments and gestural controllers Bespoke A modular Digital Audio Workstation
Libmapper An open-source library for declaring data on a shared network and enabling arbitrary connections between them


LearningSynths Learn the basics of synthesizers
Distill Understanding Neural Networks
Echtzeitmusik Resources on Echtzeitmusik scene in Berlin ['Improvised Music', 'Free Jazz', 'New Music', 'Experimental']
Feedback Instruments What's Happening in the World of Feedback Instruments
PRAGUK Α body established to increase the visibility of UK Practice Research & its impact
Syrphe Extensive list of alternative music from Africa and Asia [experimental, sound art, noise]
TransArtists The biggest source of information on artist-in-residence opportunities worldwide.
Feedback Instruments Articles on Feedback Instruments
Animated Notation A repository for animated musical scores
A Xenakis Dictionaty Providing definition of concepts in the practice and thinking of Iannis Xenakis


Loskop Radio Avant garde internet radio from Greece
Movement Radio An international online radio station based in Athens. It explores the cross-cultural interactions, political and theoretical discourses and reflections of movement of people from the Mediterranean and beyond.
Stilluppsteypa | Beach Jolanda A weird album from an Icelandic artist.
Earle Brown's Calder Piece & Terry Riley's In C - Berlin Philharmoniker (2021)
Alejandro Viñao - Water
Ecker & Meulyzer - Carbon
Iannis Xenakis Shaar Berliner Philharmoniker
Alberto Ginastera - Concerto for Strings, Op. 33 (1966)


Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming A mastering engineer shows how music streaming services have turned the world of mastering for loudness upside down.


Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board Sound board