Stevens Passion has closed indefinitely.

The Stevens Passion "project" originated to share a personal hobby with the public.

This was made possible by integrating the printify API into an Etsy online shop. Orders that were placed on Etsy were processed by paypal and routed through Printify to third party print providers who then manufactured and shipped the ordered products directly.

Product pricing was based on expense instead of profit,

    (Expenses include)
  • Etsy listing fee
  • Print provider cost
  • Possible routing up-charge
  • Transaction fees (Printify and Paypal)
  • Domain Registration
which was how premium products were able to be offered at lower rates, while actual profit being extremely nominal. This project, having never been profit driven, has come to an end as other projects demand more and more attention.


To operate a small business on Etsy with the purpose of making a profit

  • Register as an LLC with your state
  • - generally cheap and easy form.
  • - Single-Proprieter LLC / Single Buisness Owner Licenses.
  • Enter your EIN-ID (Tax Payer Information) into your Etsy account.
  • Get a seperate financial account for business transactions.
  • - keep all business and personal expenses seperate.
  • At the end of the year file a Schedule-C with your usual 1040 form.
  • - Check the box that says its your initial return.
  • - This will register the LLC with the IRS

Upcoming Tax Change:
Online marketplaces are required to submit income information to the IRS and business by means of a 1099-K tax form. Previously the requirement was to report anyone who receives payments in excess of $20,000.00 or 200 seperate transactions. Now the requirement is to report anyone who receives gross payments in excess of $600.00 annually or 1 transaction.

Drop Shipping:
process to setup and link a drop shipping and marketplace account.

  • Setup a paypal business account at Paypal
  • Setup an Etsy seller account and shop
  • Setup a drop shipping account (printify/printiful)
  • Link your drop shipping and Etsy accounts via API integration (very simple)
  • Optional: setup a Pattern website on Etsy for $15 a month to remove Etsy appearance
  • Purchase a domain at Google for $12 - $15 a year
  • Forward the domain to your Etsy or Pattern web address


Well you can, just not from us.
There are select print files that have been made available to enable anyone who wishes to the ability to order themselves.

    How to place and order:
  • Download the print file of the design.
  • Visit a custom print shop online
  • upload the print file and place an order.

Please note: All print files are covered under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) License. You may not reproduce or sell any product, they are made available soley for personal print use.