Gabe Campbell 1974-2011

On March 21st my brother Gabriel Campbell, passed away.
As a tribute to his memory this site was established in an effort to share these small pieces of rememberance with any and all of Gabe's friends.

Memorial Video

Photos of Gabriel

Gabe the Kid Gabriel as an adult Gabriel Gabe the Kid

Gabe the Kid Gabriel as an adult Gabriel Gabe the Kid

Gabe the Kid Gabriel as an adult Gabriel Gabe the Kid

Gabe the Kid Gabriel as an adult Gabriel as an adult Gabriel as an adult


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Oldtoby - Ben Cartwright - 4.50mb
Oldtoby - Caught Again - 4.15mb
The Huge - Found - 3.22mb
The Tracks - Aqualung - 2.92mb


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Memorial Guest Book

Below are a transcript of what was written in the guest book at the memorial on April 2nd 2011. I apologize in advance if I translated something incorrectly, emotions were prevelant when it was being signed and some of the hand writing was hard for me to make out.

Gabe, Thanks for all the awesome times. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up with anyone else. I love you - Smitty

Love, - Marcia

Gabe, thanks for being my brother. Evin it was during your brother Pats cancer that brough us back together. Love - Carol and Ernie Danner

I miss you already bro. Who's gonna give me shit now? no worries I'll see you soon enough - Jeremy

Miss ya but well keep playing John Blackman

I never really knew you but I don't care I still love you uncle. - Caleb

Gabe, you are so loved! Take Care, Move On!, This Place Sucks! - M

Hey cuz, Love you so much! Always gotta beat me in everything don't ya? Lol miss you like crazy. Thanks for all the memories... - Janet

Gabe, i'm glad you are able to move on. Thanks for excepting me into your life and you will always be family to me. - Jennifer Ray Gabe, you have always inspiring to me in many ways. I will never forget you or your influence you have made to our group of guitar players. Love you, Go Huskies! - Jim Armstrong

Gabe Gonna miss you and your humor - Steve Hall

Gabe I will never forget you - Cheryl

Gabe, See you at Persus w/the makers. with love - Rhea

Dear Gabriel, I enjoyed your company and will cherish our visits and outings together - Elsie Pawlikowski

Gabe, From one mellow popper to another. I am going to miss you bad! It's been fun, ave me a seat, we will be together later, love ya - Matt Carrol

Gabe, I will love to see you again soon enough I suppose. Until then, say hi to the old man for me - Joseph

Gabriel, the times that I spent with you playing music at Smitty's I will never forget! You are looking down upon us all and smiling cause you know we will always move on but never forget and how we wee rewarded with your wisdom and heart. Love you. God bless you my friend old man. - Dan Erickson I

Gabe I'm truly grateful for the time we shared together. While it was short in duration we neve missed a moment or left something half finished. You will be truly missed I love you. - Nick Dettorre

Gabe, I'll miss you very much our cutlandish talks about misc subjects of the past. Thank you, for all the memories i'll never forget you. Your friend - Patrick Nireddirg

Gabe, so long my friend i'll be missing you till music stays sanding so fine and it all slips away peace and love to you always, Goodbye - ALH

Gabe so goodbye for now!! will see you soon. Your going away party at Jeremy house before hawaii I still need that music beautiful. - Krystal Carroll

Gabe, you sure were a feisty one!! thank you for the gift of music that you gave all of us I'm not sure why you choose now but I hope this decision on your pathe serves you well. All the best in your future endevors your cousins. - Andy and David

Gabe there are so many things i'll never forget, but the thing I will remember the most is your ability to listen when needed the most! I love you and will never forget. Ill miss you gabe the babe - Tiffany Smith

Gabe, i'm so glad to have had the priviledge of meeting you. you are a divine spirit a talented musician an a beautiful soul. You will be greatly missed. See you on the other side buddy! RIP - Heidi Nicole Thomas Nyman

Friendshi[s and Childhoods were defined y our experiences together. Sorry I couldn't see you moe. GnR & Fastback Mustangs will forever remind me of you. - Jake Dempsey

Gabe, Keep flying - Rachel

Gabe, Hope you love where ever you are!! Keep playing, sory you never got to teach me. - Heidi P


If you have something you'd like to share or are a friend who lost touch and need a place to make a connection please feel welcome to contact Gabriel's brother or sister.

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