Quick Guide

1.) Setup a paypal business account at Paypal

2.) Setup an etsy seller account and shop at Etsy
Use this to sell products

3.) Setup a dropshipping account at Printify
Use this account to create products.
Link the printify account to your etsy store via the built in API

4.) Optionally setup a Pattern website at etsy for $15 a month to make your site look as if it isn't on Etsy

5.) Purchase a domain at Google for $12 - $15 a year
Forward the domain to your Etsy or Pattern web address

Cost Overview

Etsy will charge approximatly $0.20 per item listed in your online store
If you purchase a domain (.com) the hosting cost is $12.00 annually.
If you purchase a pattern site the cost is $15.00 monthly for a total of $180.00 annually. For a combined cost of $192.00 annually.


http://stevenspassion.com forwards to https://www.etsy.com/shop/StevensPassion/