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Following are some of the
areas I often help students learn about or improve in:

learning songs in various
musical styles, including:

> rock
> blues
> jazz
> funk
> classical
> country
> folk

music fundamentals

> scales
> chords
> strumming
> fingerpicking
> cool theory basics


> rock solid timing
> feeling the pulse
> confident counting
> focus on the pick
> finger-style fun
> rhythm is king

single note playing

> major scales
> the fretboard
> rock/blues scales
> playing melodies
> improvisation
> finger-burners

additional areas of study

> tab & standard notation
> tying it all together
> composing
> recording
> advanced musicianship
> performing live



In studio playing guitar...

A few comments from
students & colleagues:

...I can't stand not having a good
guitar teacher! I need new material to study
and guidance on what I should be doing.  
I never realized how good I had it when
you lived here! So just email me back when
you get a chance and if you have t
he time - I would be so happy if you could
send me some material to look at... 

Jason T.


...How have you been man??
Once again I can't thank you enough for all
of your help. I have been practicing my
ass off. Just as a sort of update,
I have been working on: practicing making my
own estudio style songs, implementing the
usage of my third 'A' finger...

Matt B.

Gig with Mel

Dear Brad, Just wanted to drop a note of
thanks for your fine work and positive
demeanor that permeates to all since joining
our team at our school.
We look forward to our
continued success w/ you on our team.

Debra C.
Managing Director
Utah Conservatory of Music & Art

Playing Sybil at home

Hi Brad:  I met you about a month ago at the Market Street Grill and you gave me a copy of a CD.  I have to tell you that in the past when someone gives you a CD it is mediocre at best....  but your CD is fantastic! I would  like to use some of the tracks for two of the documentaries I am now producing.  Great stuff!
Brad G.


Hi!  My name is Brad Pike.  I am a Guitar Teacher
with openings immediately available for those
currently seeking Private Guitar Lessons.

I am located in St. George, Utah.

If you are ready to have fun playing the guitar
right away, you have come to the right place!




Before I get into the details,
I would like to mention the following:  

I have taught guitar for over 30 years
and the best way to get started
 is by simply getting in touch with me to
schedule your first lesson.

So, if you are still interested after you've
checked out the info here, give me a call
and lets schedule that first lesson.
We'll go from there!




I have a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance
with an Emphasis on Guitar from
Utah State University
where I was extremely fortunate to
study under Prof. Mike Christiansen.

I have taught, performed, composed,
and recorded music for over 30 years

A more 'official' version of my resume, along with
additional information on my teaching methods
is available in PDF format here:

Brad Pike Resume +


Free Online Music Covers and Original Songs:

Video Clips:




Most students
take one 60 minute lesson each week.

Here is the monthy rate as of 2023:

One 60 Minute Lesson Each Week =
$240.00 per month ($60/hour)

One 30 Minute Lesson Each Week =
$140.00 per month ($70/hour)

For students taking 1 hour each week
I also offer the following deal:
Pay for five months and get the sixth free.
Total of 24 lessons for $1,200 ($50/hour).

"Nothing is more beautiful
than a guitar,
save perhaps two."

~ Frederic Chopin

"It's so important to listen
to music, to listen again and
again. Eat, sleep, and
drink music.”
 ~ Arturo Sandoval

The First Lesson is Free !

Brad Pike


"Music is a necessity.
After food, air, water &
warmth, music is next!

~ Keith Richards

"Without music,
 life would be a mistake."

~ Friedrich Nietzsche


Thanks for your time - and remember:
Stay in Tune & Keep the Groove!