Internet Applications and Development


Usher in The New Speedway

January 2017
Speedway is designed to optimize the speed at which media, ie. audio/video, and other large files, stream over the internet. While it has a few front-end duties for OnTheBus, it is no longer a hosting platform, and it's focus is on back-end server duties for clients. Shakedown and The Lazy River Road have been archived and are no longer valid.

Shakedown Street Takes Over

March 2001
With all the changes in the internet today. The Lazy River Road was becoming quite outdated. There has been huge advancements in scripting and in the use of sql databases. It was decided instead of redesigning the Lazy River Road, that a new site be designed to handle the new abilities. Thus Shakedown Street was born. It relies on a content framework structure, which consists of php scripting and a mysql database. The traditional html web page is out the door. All of the rendering is done by the database. Upside, everything is streamlined and access levels can be established. Downside, anyone still on dialup will have a slow time rendering the pages.


December 1998
Web Host Directory, a noted and reputed Internet Web Hosting directory evaluates Web Hosting companies around the world and deems them fit or unfit. This year, based on our merit and great quality service, we are recognized as a fit company to do the job and give excellent web hosting services.

web hosting and email accounts are no longer offered to the public.