Shakedown FTP
FTP (File Transfer Protocol
) is the quickest and safest way to transfer large files. It uses it's own interface, so in able to use it, ftp client software must already be installed on your local terminal, pc or mac. You will also need a user name and password in order to access the server and download files.
Friends please sign on using the button ftp.shakedown to the right. 
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Shakedown For PDA's
This site is specifically designed for Web Enabled Cell Phones and PDA's. However you can still access it through your pc's web browser. It's highlight is an American History Virtual Library, which contains primary documents, bio's and information on all the President's, original maps from the 1400's through Manifest Destiny. The Virtual Library is starting to expand into other areas like science and math as well. There's also an area with helpful links for mobile users, such as an audio server, MapQwest, and the National Yellow Pages.

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Shakedown On Older WAP Style Cell Phones!!!
For those of you with older cell phones, you'll want to bookmark this site. By typing in into your cell phone browser's address bar, you will have access to the National white and
yellow pages, mapquest for directions, national and local weather forecasts, news, sports scores updated by the minute, and much more. If you have a pop3 account you can also check, read, and compose e-mail, from your cell phone. This site also has it's own interface.
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Shakedown Forums
Shakedown hosts a few forums for sister sites. As with most of shakedown, you will need to sign in. The content is tailored to specific users and their access. Guests have very limited access in most forums.

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Radio Shakedown
Shakedown streams live music straigt to your pc, pda or smart phone. Kick back and enjoy some of your favorite artists, live. You choose the shows and the songs.  Create your own playlists for hours or even days of broadcast.
It's your radio, your way!!
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