The Lazy River Road Web Site was created back in 1994, just when the World Wide Web was getting started. It was maintained until the beginning of 2001. So many of the links that take you outside the site may no longer work. However, one of it's main focus was a Music Section, with setlists, venue seating charts, bio's, graphics, tour information, and the like. Since the Music Section is part of the site, and is still valid with the information it contains, it was decided to leave this up on the web. Along with the Music Section, all the internal links work, and you may find interest in other sections of the site. But these sections are kept intact more for an example of cutting edge technology for 1994 -> 2000. Things such as perl scripts and dynamic html.

Shakedown Street took over at the beginning of the century. Technological advancements allowing other devices to use the internet spurned the evolution of this site. Shakedown has various sub domains designed specifically for various devices, such as a cell phone and/or a pda, just to name two.

Please enjoy The Lazy River Roads Music Base, as well as the trip down what was the beginning of  The World Wide Web.    

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