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Profit Expansion Group creates tailored solutions for each of our clients. Using our menu of services, each of our customers are able to choose the solutions that fit their particular need. Today, every business must properly service multi channel communications to ensure quality interactions at each step of the customer cycle.

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Why Choose Us?

Outsourcing any business process is an important decision. Choosing the right partner to facilitate intricate customer interaction is one of the most important decisions a company can make.

Quality Interactions

Our experienced management works hard to exceed industry standards for answer time and first call resolution. No one likes to wait. No one wants to have to call back for their questions to get answered.

Flexible And Scalable

Choose the solution that fits your needs. We offer 24/7 support, SLA adherence, multichannel communication and much much more.

Full Transparency

Need specific reports? Want to measure the effects of change? Want to listen to live calls? We got you covered.

Best Technology

From voice recognition and dynamic IVRs to complex customer flows with multichannel follow up - we can do it all.


Profit Expansion Group provides services to a variety of industries using an assortment of platforms. We strive to grow your customer base, increase retention rates, increase overall customer value and increase customer loyalty.

These goals are the focal point of every customer interaction. Profit Expansion Group understands quality interactions with your prospects as well as customers (active or inactive) will create exponential value driven by customer satisfaction.

Technology, Experience, Training and Communication create the foundation of our services. Our technology creates a platform to seamlessly integrate, report and monitor each type of interaction regardless of mode or means.

Our training allows us to exceed client expectations no matter the size. Our communication ensures we are always available to deliver top notch services. Our services will lead to larger PROFITS. Its in our name. Contact us today to learn more.

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Profit Expansion Group is always looking for outstanding employees, great customers and innovative partners.

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