Rules & Guidelines

Updated on 22 August 2020

Welcome to Your forum manager, Margaret Campbell, and the rest of the staff are happy you found us!

Rules of Participation is a friendly place and good manners are expected of all members. We understand that some discussions grow heated, but ask that a reasonable level of civility be maintained.

While participating in this forum, please observe the following rules:

Discussion of Forum Policy
We understand that there will be disagreements about forum management from time to time. Discussion of such disagreements is permitted, within reasonable limits. We emphasize the word "discussion!" Messages attempting to trash the forum or the staff will be removed from public view. Persistent attacks on forum policy or staffers simply doing their jobs are not welcome. Attempts to undermine forum policy through campaigns on the board or in email are against the forum rules. We will also not allow endless rehashing of alleged grievances or disagreements.

Please remember, too, that these discussions must be limited to this forum alone. This is not the place to raise your disagreements with the staff of other forums.

Copyright and Fair Use respects copyright law. Copyrighted material may not be used here without the specific written permission of the copyright holder. All written, spoken, and visual material, including that published on-line, is assumed to be copyrighted unless it is clearly identified as being in the public domain. Photographs are not permitted without specific copyright permission from the original source. This especially applies to photographs published in newspapers, other news media, or commercial web sites.

Brief "fair use" excerpts are allowed as exceptions, but the staff must make final determinations of where "fair use" ends and infringement begins. Roughly, "fair use" allows less than 10% of the total of the work copied, or 500 words, whichever is less. Due to their short length, copyrighted poems and song lyrics must only be referenced by an external link without such a grant of permission. They should not be quoted directly in a message. Remember, even a "fair use" excerpt should be properly attributed. This means that the source must be given even if the item is not copyrighted.

Please note that merely attributing credit is not the same as "fair use." You cannot post a copyrighted work and excuse it by mentioning the owner/creator. Copyright is literally "the right to copy." Without the explicit permission of the owner, you do not have that right. Similarly, though some web sites claim the posting of a copyrighted work is permitted by fair use, their assumption does not grant permission to others to post such material here. They may be in error!

We all must respect other members of too. For this reason, you must have specific permission from the authors of files, private email, and messages from other forums before you may post them here on Similarly, messages and files from this forum may not be reposted elsewhere without specific permission from the author. Messages that consist of nothing but excerpts from copyright materials or URLs without substantive comment from the member are not acceptable.

No advertisements will be permitted in this forum unless they have been authorized by the forum manager. No ads for information exchange (petitions, surveys, questionnaires), soliciting for funds, or advertisements for other online services will be permitted.

Responsibility for Rule-Breaking Posts
Each message writer is responsible for what he or she writes; neither the forum nor the staff assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for what is written here. Rules violations or provocative messages by other forum members are not an excuse for breaking the rules or guidelines in response.

We will attempt to catch all rule-breaking messages, and appreciate being told of any we miss or haven't yet seen. Please remember that messages are posted as soon as you enter them. The staff watches for rule-breaking messages, but may not see them before you do.

The forum rules listed above cannot be modified by or for individual members. Generally, we will give warnings before locking a participant off the board, but the management reserves the right to decide when "enough is enough."

Participation in this forum is by sole discretion of the management and based on adherence to the above rules.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping to make a pleasant place to visit. If you have any questions not covered by these rules & guidelines, please post a public message to any staff member, or, if you prefer, send an email to Forum Manager Margaret Campbell (