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Kung fu training provides a full body workout that activates all muscle groups in your body helping you get stronger and in shape faster improving your health and fitness.

Kung Fu is an awesome way to Improve muscle strength, strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, and relieve stress and anxiety, while learning the important art of self-defense.

Build strength and develop inner peace through real Kung Fu training.

Our philosophy is that a strong body will lead to a strong mind and strong spirit. Therefore we train the body to become strong and in return this weaponizes the body, making it strong not only against physical attacks but against illness, stress and mental fatigue.

Here at Chesapeake Kung Fu & Tai Chi we are dedicated to passing on the authentic and classical teachings of Huaquan a Northern Long-Fist Style of Kung Fu.

Beginner Kung Fu

Mon & Wed @ 7PM and Sat @ 11:30AM

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